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I don't think it's going to be the next year or two but we may come back to this in five six seven years. Yeah it's always the threat right every time you killed it. It's like a true horror movie fashion. I put a stake in you. Motherfucker won't matter. Somebody will get twenty bucks in a bad idea and we'll be back to cover part. Yeah it won't part three. That's the good news. Is it will be a reboot a rethinking a new take on it. That can only be better because the people that had control over these last two movies squandered their opportunity but anyway let's go onto other sequels. We've got the girl with the dragon tattoo. Now playing with fire. This friday the second part of the solider saga is upon us. And the next tuesday. We're going back to theaters. We're actually going to see like a big summer movie. They're coming out now fast and the furious nine. Ooh i may be going back to theaters. but it won't be for that running back to fast and furious but they can sometimes there. There's a difference. Sometimes they can surprise me. Sometimes i can feel myself pulled against my resistance and have a good time. There are the tokyo drifts. There are the part fives. There has been moments in the series. That have had more levity than others. But i don't know the. I hope i don't have to map the family tree. I can tell you at this point. I have no idea who's alive. Who's dead who's coming back. none of it. I lost the thread on that series years ago. Come on stewart han his back and he was like the best part of tokyo drift. He was so good that they changed the timeline to have him in war movies. Somehow he's alive and now a sniper and they're going to space. This is almost recommend before. I even walk in the theater. Space like a lunar vehicle. Yes driving around. Oh my god yes. They are taking a car to space in space. No one can hear you rev. Seen as somehow related to vin diesel. Rather hopefully it goes better for him than the rock did. Like who has been jettison into the let it. What a spin off series. Well that will be next week and again. Please join us. This friday for ordination series. We greatly appreciate your support. Everybody here is just so thankful for our listeners. Who choose to support us. And before we go. I want to congratulate the winners of our indiana jones. Blu ray giveaway know that. That was exciting with the man. I feel old the fortieth anniversary of indiana jones. But if you didn't win that we've got another giveaway starting right now. We're giving away five digital download codes for the misfits that also having a fortieth anniversary. I haven't thought about that being in a while. It's a brand new action. Heist movie starring pierce brosnan. Her mind core field and tim. Roth oh okay. Tim roth we i mean. He was in twin peaks s. I think the last thing we covered him in. I'm aware yeah. I okay you know what. Never judge a book by its cover. I haven't seen anything about this. Okay we're giving it away. It's a free movie directed by renny. Harlin in the film. Rodman leads a group of modern day. Robin hoods as they pull off the heist of the century and thanks to our friends at paramount pictures. You can win one of these five download codes. You just subscribe to our infocus newsletter or join our listeners group on facebook and if you do both your entered twice and we will announce those winners on july second so good luck and then come to our facebook group and let us know if you recommend the misfits and justin stewart. Thank you for joining me. And until next time. Power this down in his game. You've done well general hospital pressures worked exactly as you predicted. I believe we've helped the congress and the press better understand the priorities..

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