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For dot com. You can get all the info you go. Paula K wants to know when you think we're going to be getting those Sheba charade joggers. I don't know. Honey, let's go to Alfredo from Texas sale. Fredo what your question? Hey, Andy, I adore you. Thanks. I'm praying for Greg and your love. Transferred from the street to my like my Sunday. So it'd be my everyday I wanted to ask you, what do you think of abor mentioning graph difference between her career and your friend cynthia's career? What what was your reaction to Eva shading Cynthia little bit? Look. Yeah. I, you know, I'm listening. I'd attach it nothing. You don't live there. Both models models can be a little bit competitive. It's okay. It's okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Let's go to grace from Florida for Phoebe Robinson. Hi phoebe. A Beijing tonight, the food, you know, what top shot frugal? Thanks. What would it like swimming with? Julia Roberts, filming a pizza. Yes. Oh backstories. Her husband eighty motor was the DP on the movie, and so she become out to visit us overseas. And I didn't know how to swim. Like, I'm a horrible stereotype. But her and her family might come up with teachable. Teach. You side jumped in the water. She was holding me in her arms as I learn how to swim, and it was kind of magical. She's beautiful. What was your reaction to the whole Megan Kelly thing last week? You know, I just think at this. How do you not get it that black faces wrong? This should not be a conversation. More. Just don't do it. I was watching. I was like why people shouldn't ever even mention black face. Like just don't say the words. Exactly. Yes. Let's go to Katie from Denver, Katy what's your question for needy leaks? Andy. Hi, nedia TV. I love.

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