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Infancy challenges and then i don't make good decisions to day and i'm forty eight i never made a good decision when i was fourteen fifteen or sixteen emma with willie jones who would what my but if i had done anything remotely as wildest some of these kids get into but i still make decisions i don't want to be judged for who are was this time last year this time last listen this time last year prince was alive uh when he died you my father grandfather daiji thousand eight prince died last year as you know i had to grow i have to take on responsibilities and fight battles i never thought i'd have to fight i'm a different human being now than i was a year ago being on tv trying to stick up for our values i'm not a train tv person i listen i stutter have hearing impairment i'm not i don't have a radio voice and you sitting out there in time after time after time you know you get run over you're getting cut off you're you're you're diaphragm is up here you know damn near collarbone and you try to say something you won't come out in the commercial break and i had to to to grow into that role so a year later i'm a different person so somebody's fourteen fifteen sixteen you mean when the thirty three forty six david twelve different people we now have a society that has so much data and so little wisdom you know that's what we have to fight again yes so you mention prince and you got your purple on purple everywhere an in you talked about addiction earlier said one of the projects that kept fifty working on an in that you're really spearheading has been our patients not prisoners when my has been got locked up for his addiction i actually find who is going gonna come out rehabilitated and not addicted to drugs what i didn't know is when you're in prison they don't actually come round in in try.

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