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Like to listen. The news update from 98 7 and 13. 30 K. N S s. I'm Rodney Price. It's nine o'clock, mostly study and 25 degrees at the K and S s Studios and Wichita. The high today will reach the lower forties. We'll have the rest of your forecast here shortly. One person is in critical condition after an early morning car accident in northwest Wichita. It happened just after 4 a.m. on I 2 35 near 21st Street, North and West Street, which Utah Police say the car left the roadway for an unknown reason. The driver was pinned in the vehicle for a time and then was transported to a local hospital for their injuries. Police believe speed was a factor in the crash. The state of Kansas is defending its rollout plan for the covert 19 vaccine. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly says more vaccines are going out there reported and it's moving faster than they first anticipated. So I can tell you that in phase one This is the one that we've been in, and we're actually really wrapping it up. We expect we had had anticipated late January Looks like we might be able to get through that Even sooner she has of the state is also dependent on the amount of vaccine they're able to get from the federal government and then how long it takes providers to implement the shots. Dan O'Neil KEGAN ASSESS News. Meanwhile, in Florida Republican Lieutenant governor Jeanette Nunez joined Fox and friends and discussed how Florida officials have created relationships with private and public companies to distribute the vaccine more efficiently. We started as a pilot program in three counties in central area of Florida, and so right now we've got 22 public's pharmacies that are providing vaccinations for Cove it you have to make an appointment. We hope to expand that partnership. In Florida over 400,000 people have received their first dose of the vaccine. So far, today's high will be in the low forties. Looks like the clouds will stick around. We have a cool high pressure system moving in from the Northern Plains overnight cloudy and chilly with our low in the upper twenties, then a little.

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