A new story from Freddy Rivera


What? But million pizza. So that me-. Say. Shoot. Oh, you come. Tell me what to say really need women being thing. Tell me what say. Coming. Mick twomey. Came out. I just didn't know what. In so. Then turn just tease me. Pappy working? Tom. Joe see how Sunday yoga. Got a break. Koop a way to leave them be. Basis that. To sign. Just tease me. So bad. I saw. Let me demonstrate. Duck duck duck. Check. Pay. Mecca bekker's break that. Found. Good. Sweet. I never knew. Weed in full. Just kidman. Known. I will. Me. And in you. He. You. So when you say. Anyone? Sunday. Kevin. Kevin. Feel kid who? Maybe. So. I know. Tonight. Okay. Okay. Really? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Really gets. Very close. Things that you can take faster get thrown. Two. Your friends are looking for you. With me. Kill really. Okay. Phones until. Can post guest. I can take you. Explanatory. Friends are looking for you. Really? I see you watching you. This. I. Bye. Rhys now can be. Dunkin. For me on a plate coming. You should really get the no me. Okay. Really get some..

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