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Measure President Trump saying he and Republicans are done with the negotiations at least for now. W GOP's Mitchell Miller's on Capitol Hill president. Trump in a Tweet stated that the White House is not going forward with talks, which have been taking place over several months and had resumed this week between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. But despite some areas of agreement, including on stimulus, paychecks and unemployment relief, the two sides remained more than a half. Trillion dollars Apart with disagreements on several other issues, Pelosi has issued a statement criticizing the president's decision stating that the White House is in disarray. While both sides did make some progress. The approach of the presidential election has made it all but impossible to reach a compromise on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller w T o p New and we'll have analysis on this coming up at 8 10 tonight with Politico stay with us if you have a long drive ahead or check back in later we're also getting word tonight another top presidential advisors Even Miller has tested positive for covert 19, NBC's Hallie Jackson reports. Miller has been working remotely for the past five days, testing negative every day through yesterday, but now he's in quarantine. After that positive test today, and this evening, President Trump and his doctor are painting a rosy picture of the commander in chief's health as he continues to fight Covad. Medical experts remain concerned. The president says he's feeling great, his doctor says Mr Trump reports no symptoms. CBS News Medical contributor Dr David Vegas as it's likely because of the steroid the president is taking. You know he feels well, you take off the decade run the steroids. He's not going to feel well and there will be a crash and that energy we're seeing now will go away. The White House physician has refused to offer details about the impact of the virus on the president's lungs. Fact, experts find confounding Stephen Portnoy CBS NEWS Several members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, including the chairman, general Mark Millie, now in quarantine after possible exposure to covert 19. W. T. O P s national security correspondent J. J. Green says. While this will not have a direct impact on national defense, foreign adversaries may try to take advantage of the separation of the Joint Chiefs. All are able to communicate securely from wherever they are. The only thing is, I've been told is that there may be a bit of a leg because they're all separated and that sometimes foreign adversaries air counting on This'll AG because they may try to do something may try to take advantage of the chaos underway in the U. S to try to engage in some kind of nefarious activity counting on the US not being able to respond quickly. General Millie and the Chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air Force have tested negative for the virus sport are in isolation as a precaution. New Tonight Vice President Mike Pence will be allowed to take part in tomorrow night's vice presidential debate in Salt Lake City. He will do so without having transparent barriers set up around him for Protection. That's what a member of the commission on presidential debates is telling CNN. The clear plexiglass shields were requested by the Biden Harris campaign as a cove in safety precaution, but multiple age tell the network that the vice president does not want plexiglass barriers around him, and his chief of staff, Mark Short, said. There is no medical evidence they're needed. Physical barriers are usually used when social distancing is impossible. The candidates will be 12 FT. Apart on the stage, Pence's doctor released a statement today, saying Vice president has not been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for the virus and does not need to quarantine 7 30 for that is an explosive new report from Fox News that accuses Democrats of trying to distract from Hillary Clinton's private email server controversy four years ago. Director of National intelligence. John Radcliffe declassifying documents that show former CIA director John Brennan briefed former President Obama on a Clinton plan to tie then candidate Donald Trump to Russia. A network reports. It was a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server ahead with the head of the 2016 election. Radcliffe declassified Brennan's hand written notes in a CIA memo, which revealed that refer the matter to the FBI for a potential investigation. The office of the director of National Intelligence transmitted the dig the classified documents of the House and Senate intelligence committees. This afternoon, a Clinton spokesperson Nick Merrill, calling the accusations baseless. 7 35. As the pandemic continues, Many are beginning to get back out on the roads. But Triple A mid Atlantic is warning that the rules are changing here in the Washington area, it could mean you'll get a ticket. John Townsend, with Triple A mid Atlantic says changes to DC roads and the implementation of fines associated with the mayor's visions. Zero initiative to protect pedestrians couldn't catch drivers by the wallet. For example, as of June, 1st Day dot says the default speed limit in D. C is 20 MPH moving cameras from spot to spot without little public notice. They will add more cameras and then even dropped the threshold speed in which you get a ticket, he says. Unlike many jurisdictions, which allow drivers to travel 10 MPH above the speed limit, DC is meeting that assumption. With a fine, we're going to drop that allowance. Eight MPH begging Cloherty. W T o P. News. The debate over whether or not school resource officers are needed in Montgomery County public schools continues after this summer's motion to remove about half of them was turned down at a board meeting last night. Most of the principal's supported the officers remaining in schools. But students school board member Nick Asante urged them to take a closer look at the role of school resource officers. One question that I like the commission to consider if sorrows are three community building, not necessarily For discipline, then are they the best community member to have our school building if their purpose is for community building, and if so, why Critics of sorrows say Black and Hispanic students are arrested at higher rates than their peers. In Montgomery County of the 460 students arrested in the past three school years, 83% were black and Hispanic. The school superintendent is required to recommend what action the school board should take. By January. Andrea Cameron w T o P News still ahead on w T O P. A lot of people are flocking to Ocean City for a car show. Naturally, there are concerns about a super spreader event. If precautions aren't taken and on many lists of the greatest rock guitarist, he was at the top or near the top. We're remembering Eddie Van Halen tonight State with a 7 37. It may not be stomach issues..

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