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Came over and school sixteen depressed at come out of the closet it was hard right and i came home and sitting on my bed one day after school was the sect's book and the erotica alcohol my father had mopping gourmet and you're only child no after younger brothers oh my god my don't allow them but yet we still have it of course i still name yeah i line a grey parrot now yachts would a great pierre it is and then we looked at it on the couch together by the way and i remember when we guess my mother father me and my mom's friend lynn and we were flipping through the pictures and we got to the photos from the gaiety yes and at guys bent over you can see everything yeah like asshole on other goes jesus he's hung like a great dane i i god i know i love it but about the did the button munching seen did you you know i i remember clearly seen that picture and not really getting what was happening time at sixteen plus like you know that's not really what up munching looks like it i know what i mean larry i bought my baby she dropped something that she just looking checking to see if it's antonis ya i have it as yet anything in tony with yeah no i just saw him recently in in in a campaign for all saints and yet heats gorgeous i knew gorgeous he could get it tian ways he looks like a greek gods yeah that greek that got look to him a greek statue yeah we're talking tony worked for the brother did listen david we could talk forever i love you so miles overnight we're going to have to we hit i went to police abdul together all of course it yeah oh my god i was so much as amazing and i gotta say like you know you see these other pop star girls out there with their choreograph numbers and their listless dance moves and then you see you know an emmy awardwinning academy awardnominated i wanna to say koryagina for like paula abdul delivering her six number one hit singles and you're like.

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