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Let's go through we got a blow through these because we could get ideas so let's go to Alex's in Philly and New Jersey what what point five a Alex what's up man you were so Morrow did it miss Lindsey and lift my mom figure this all and it's like a deep breath this is my brother he is your brother and he's not he's already nervous nervous about I got a I'm just let's say that you can't play because you're his brother Michael Moran value ruined it all for right yeah listen mama what what category you want on your one seventies or eighties eighties our lives do matter the seventies hi I give you seven these data surprise is specially for you yeah I'm I'm here I'm dies surprise is visually for you best alert as later commerce prior specially to yes he went on one girls by a but I got to get to more people on a yes to minutes get out one but.

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