PAM, Senate, Mr Romney discussed on C-SPAN


Do you understand where that was coming from do you have any insight into motivations there you'd have to ask mr bannon about his own views thank you very much cory booker questioning christopher wiley former cambridge analytica research director at today's judiciary committee hearing like we have a few more minutes senator kennedy would you be open to a three minute round with hard gavel at the three minute mark kennedy jamieson thank you britney dr james i wanna be sure i understand your testimony in response to answering mr cruz was question and the the presidential campaign between governor romney and senator obama of course a now president trump the facebook cofounder shared facebook information with the obama campaign that it didn't share with the rhonda campaign because the facebook cofounder wanted mr obama to win is that accurate i i didn't mean to say that it was that chris us was working for the obama campaign who is chris us he was a co cofounder facebook okay at he was working for the obama campaign i don't have any information says he took information from facebook but he's he explained to the campaign here's how you use facebook geli share that information with mr romney knowledge no okay and do you know why he he he shared this information with the obama campaign well he actually volunteered to work for for obama when he was running for us senate so they'd had a long relationship so he wanted president obama to become personal okay here's one of the things that to me they're they're they're two issues while they're many but at least two issues regarding the social media platforms versus the privacy issue i happen to believe that social media platforms led by facebook has lee had pam the ability to influence what we believe how though what we buy how we feel better ships and they have a responsibility to disclose that to people and how they do it and then people still wanna use facebook i i don't believe in the hot for example i think it should tax on poor people but his law and people but people understand that the odds of winning it or not.

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