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I didn't get a chance to about your trip overseas to Iraq with the military because I was really fascinated by that story. What was the genesis of that trip? And what was the experience like view that drip actually? I made three trips to Iraq during a heated war Shortly after the main conflict and The three trips were changed my life forever the appreciation for the military guys on what they're doing over there and my pride for the US and then you know really try to help other people. The genesis of the trip was a friend of mine. The helicopter pilot over there Who has a little? Persian daughter was on patrol in in Baghdad. Draw family that had a dwarfism on three of the kids. I think it was a family of five. Three kids at all had very severe dwarfism so he called me from Baghdad from it basically said Hey. Can you come over? And and I'm like on the phone and you're calling from Iraq. You know bombs going on in the background. I'm like and you want me to come over. You know what he wanted me to His we gotta get these kids medical treatment showing that started a long process probably took six months to get orders from the State Department for me to be able to go over and I made my first trip over. Snuck around in Humvees and rats guys with machine guns everywhere and they stuck me to this families How we had contractor pulled out little portable x ray equipment doctor x rays and then once. I got the xrays live. Bring those back to the states and lineup doctors here so I got some doctors from the bay area. California back East and Wisconsin put the team of an anesthesiologist and so doctors that were willing to go over they. You know. The government's didn't want the kids to come to the states for their very complicated surgeries and instead they wanNA does to go over and train the Iraqi doctors so I got the doctors up in. May brought him over there and got the Iraqi doctors together and perform these operations and literally all these kids that have been hit by bombs and they're burnt and had various things You Know Barnes have been amputated but not correctly are doctors. Were able to do surgery for a couple of days on a whole bunch of kids. Not just the little people but a whole a whole bunch of kids in the little village that we're in and then them fascinating on my third trip over. I was able to pull the kids back silo able to get their papers. They need really complicated operations. That could only really done here in the states on the third trip to bring them back to the states and get them the medical treatments that they really needed so three very interesting. That's the short version of it But it was a harrowing scary clip and gave me immense immense rich back for Take all military over there. Bang Bang shoot 'em up now. They're over there really focused on training doctors and getting people You know the stand on their own two feet and have technology so that that that push for educational component and for building their communities with really impressive. Jamais wasn't about blowing up. It was really the missions that they pushed me of how we're really about Getting the community in that country to support themselves to take care of their own people. And that's what impressed me the most. Yeah that's incredible Matt. Yeah I have nothing but respect for our military. Bring a lot of veteran veteran. Dads come on the show here and it so That's awesome that you're able to go over there and make a difference and another thing that I've seen that you had done online you reach out. I know there was a story about the boy from Australia. That was being bullied. And I know you had reached out to him somewhere online. I seen it. You offer them out to the farm and stuff like that. Did you ever end up connecting with the kid I can? I can exit with his mother. She was very very excited because of course they watch the little people show little people big world show over there And so we've had exchanged several messages and I'm really just making sure that she has support That they know that they're welcome to come to the farm. I think at some point here. They're going to be coming over the United States. Go to Disneyland. WanNa make sure that they swing by and give the boy you know a real firsthand view of what little people can do and put your heart and mind to it Adult this farm here until I wanted to know. I've been through some of the exact same emotional feelings that he went through or he's going through that nine years old. I remember those feeling very precisely and You know I just want to encourage them so we haven't touched I hope we get to meet in person. I hope I can continue to encourage them along way. Because that would pretty heartbreaking to see him and you know some people think threw shade at a are some. You know at the mom for you. Know putting out that emotional Video but I really supporter. I think she's doing writing she without wit's end she's got your young nine year old boy who threatened suicide. She didn't know what else she could do. I don't think she knew that the video goes viral is dead but good for her to get that out there and be kind of kicking screaming and doing everything you can to advocate. She's had a long history of advocating for her son so I'm not only encouraging him but I really want to encourage her as well and don't going allow any mama shaming about The two sides of the truth. She's she's a tiger exciting for her son. And I appreciate that and I think He's going to do just fine. Even though there's so many different pitfalls of social media and the Internet age that we live in here I mean some of the good things are that people like you can connect with somebody like him just through something like that so There are some positive sides to it. Let let me rain this back into you as a dad here Matt Now. I have four kids. My youngest is my only girl. She's five years old now. I'm already dreading when she's going to be hit. That dating seeing your daughters all grown up. You've been there done that. What was it like for you when your daughter first started hitting that dating scene. How'd you handle that scary? You know my my daughter was an amazing. She's still edgy. That amazing individuals who straight out A student she was always focused on her studies Show we like to say that Molly was kind of the parent in the room. Most of Her life in when she was the youngest ever You know two or three years all just always the one that really had Iraq together so when she got to the dating world and went off to college in the star dates. You start dating a little bit later. but found the man she loved and Got Married and some got married and now she looks and works up. We're just waiting for grandkids. You know from her. Jaw Up there in They're up in the Spokane Area Washington. But Molly didn't require much worry. Let me tell you that. Because she was so solid and Any grant has a song called straight ahead and that was what the Wedding John. You know I played for Molly. Her Wedding Tamale with just always really straight ahead. So I'd like to take credit for how wonderful of persons that she came out but unfortunately I can't take credit. I think she just a you know. I guess genetically speaking maybe but Xu just an amazing person Right off the bat like as a whole my kids and so Maybe there's a little Maybe there's a little credit in. There's on more but I think my kids grew up on this farm and they were exposed to them you know. Both Ambien is exposed as many opportunities at fossil and they all turned out to be amazing. Kids Yeah Awesome Matt and you know I did see on instagram. There you guys had a family trip to Disney. What was that experience like for you to go there with all the kids at Disneyland is not for the fate of heart reality. Tv You know pretty hectic. We brought lots of lot You know Distant factor and stuff and kidd were a little young but Tori my daughter-in-law just Disney fanatic and so They were GONNA go regardless and took care. I said that will help. And so I had GRANDPA duty while everybody else went on the ride watching the little one. We had a two month old at the time but everybody came through it and had a great time. Jackson got to meet his hero. Buzz light year and It was just really a wonderful wonderful experience at a week away. down Disney. How you can help it have fun at Disneyland Ride. The the New Star Wars ride. It was a really really good experience and I was glad Tori pushed into with Donald. Mann wanted to take the to your role than in the two months ago. We kinda raised our eyebrows. A little bit shoot joy. Motherly that sometimes better than GRANDPA's instinct. So we went with. The ball had a great time. The kids had a great time. We've got pictures to prove it. Yeah I did enjoy seeing some of the pictures. You threw up there on instagram. What's next for you here? Madam and I know you said You you contract it for you know you have this season another season. Have you considered like you have any of goals for life beyond the show? Well I have a house in Arizona. I really really enjoy of this kind of balance. I'm creating in my life with Karen and I go down Arizona where you hang out with. Enjoy the sunshine down there but up here in Oregon on I. Am You know we're going to be doing a pumpkin seeds and again? That's you actually out the first officially not we're getting ready to announce that you know people always assume that we're GONNA do pumpkin season over and over again every year but we every year we have to a family really stand back and evaluate it and look at it and the cost and effort and kind of we meet as a family on my kids in the and amy we get together and we cut it up and down vote on and we just we just recently did a meeting where we're going to go ahead with the two thousand twenty pumpkin season so I will be here in Oregon a lot Getting Ready for that with my team of people here at the farm but my probably my most fun new products. I'm building a house so I'm in the design stages on WanNa break ground on it hopefully this year on a house. That's accessible for me Everybody probably wonder why in standing in Amy's House that you could moving And I want to build a different house to build a little bit. Smaller lead that for one of the kids. Hopefully we'll take it over once aiming finding Talk about moving out for a while. But she still has her things over there and social issues out. We're GONNA stand back and kind of evaluate what to do with that out. Meanwhile I'm going to start building a new house here on another part of the farm. That's kind of on the other side of the of the property from excited about that. Wow yeah very cool. Always busy dramatic lasting. I WANNA hit. You would hear. I usually ask all the guests that. Come on the PODCAST. This is your second go around. So we'll see what you got I this time. What type of advice do you have for the new dad or for that about to be fathered? It's out there listening. I knew you were going to ask that and I tell you this is the part of the podcast that I always go to on your other. Podcast all your other guests. I always go to the park. Where's the advice where I always say? I don't really have any of like but here's a great great premise. For Your podcast. I really really enjoy that so I thank you again for joining. It's to listen if the become a good listener listening to your kids to be present you know. I feel like when I was a father. I I Miss Them. Really important moments because busy you know providing for the family and you know Keeping the household of float and doing the maintenance and thing but now I really with the grandkids really getting a second chance to be a better listener to sit down and play games. That have special moments. You know and The little ranch there and swim lessons. I WANNA be there watching the swim lesson sharing that experience. So I think you're being really present and also the back of a phone. You know snapchat Patriot. But don't have your kids grow up with the backside of phone you don't enjoy your present. You're not enjoying the moment to snap a few pictures. I like to do that. Drew for instagram social media. But then put your phone down really put it down when you're together last night with my kids never brought the phones out. Nope take And I left that. You know dinner thinking that's good. We've really got to engage and you don't have a memory of the moment in in your camera but you have a better memory in your heart in your in your mind so Put your phones. Listen BE ENGAGED. Be Present and put your phone down. That's my advice very well said Matt. I love the advice. It's an honor to have you back on the show your first class father all the way. Thank you so much few minutes your time on First-class Fatherhood thank you. Keep doing what you're doing. I really love your podcast right in as promise for those of you who stuck around to the end here. I am once again. 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