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And that's why. I'm kind of worried about chris. Hemsworth hey man. You died in cabinet in the woods pretty early and then he died in this movie I don't know. I don't know where you're headed after this. Hopefully remake of roadhouse neutering him and in the swayze role. I think he's actually supposed to be hulk. Hogan i believe yes yes. Yeah that'll be interesting. I have no faith in it but it'll be interesting. Yeah so then they just leave daryl in the woods which is choice but they don't try and take it out of them so they leave him and jeffrey dean morgan's team has a helicopter and going back to the free america but delivery in stay back the train more wolverines and we see them attack a base with the military guns vehicles as captives john wolford and we cut out of it and that's the end of the movie and that's the end of red dawn the final battle. We've been waiting the whole movie. See we don't get yeah. It's it's a very mediocre movie overall began. It's the action scenes aren't a lot of fun. They're they're really all over the place editing wise. There's nothing more uninteresting than a gun. Fight to be honest with you. Yeah yeah especially. I think you can have some like sometimes. The bond movies will have interesting gunfights. 'cause there'll be some good choreography in there but yeah unless you're in like a big battle. Gunfight is three ten to yuma. I was the final one right. But they're trying to get to the train. Yeah that that was cool. Ruminating john wick fans the john has. He does so much more than just gunfight. I'll preface by saying. I just think they are dull. Yeah and most of the time. If they're well-designed while stage. I give credit for that but a lot of times. It's just two people hiding somewhere shooting at each other. Just trading shots Yeah yeah it's something. The fill the time really loud and obnoxious and just goes on for way too. Long a to mark's point with john. I we were watching it over the weekend. And like he's using swords and knives and he's very creative even with the guns. He's like fighting people with the gun. You know jerk and like the matrix matrix has agreed gunfire scene but it's more than just a gunfight scene right there yeah and that was like groundbreaking stuff for gunfights at that time you know. Yeah they're done. Fights can be done well sure but it rarely are yeah. They're they're very easy their simple. That's the other it was fine. I think the five on. I'm is pretty pretty accurate i fat. That's at six but yeah it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be staying home but it wasn't particularly interesting now. I found myself just kind of waiting for it to end. I was glad it was only ninety. Three minutes yeah. Yeah that's always good with these kind of movies. Yeah i was surprised again just a lot of mediocrity all around. That's that's how i would describe the movie mediocre. You know i gotta go back and watch the. I have to watch the original. I see how it measures up. Do you want the cast list for that movie dan..

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