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Music superstars spouses beyond say and j zeal headline an event in honor of the late south african antiapartheid leader nelson mandela in his home country later this year it's part of a series of events marking the one hundredth anniversary of mandela's birthday and also includes ed sheeran usher frail williams alongside african performers oprah winfrey will give a keynote address on the legacy of mandela other hosts include naomi campbell and actors forest whittaker in tyler perry the event planned for december seconds part of the global citizen movement which has a goal of ending extreme poverty by twenty thirty and hopes to bring in one billion dollars in pledges robin reid says the house of cards cast was surprised and saddened about the sexual misconduct allegations against co star kevin spacey speaking in a taped interview monday on nbc's today show writes does she really didn't know the man right says she and spacey only knew each other between action and cut she says they would giggle between scenes and he was always professional star trek discovery actor anthony rapp accused spacey of sexual misconduct when he was fourteen and spacey was twenty six spacey tweeted his sincerest apology for what he said was drunken behaviour spacey was fired from the netflix series after several employees accused of inappropriate behavior more than fifteen men have since made allegations against spacey the sixth and final season of house of cards ayers this fall a sixteen year old pitchers thought to be the first japanese junior high school player to sign with a major league club kaido yuki is headed to the us to play with the kansas city royals organization instead of attending high school in japan he's agreed to a minor league hi i'm ralph rousseau ap college football writer and host of the ap top twenty five college football podcast available on apple podcast and podcast one while there be sure to subscribe rating review.

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