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For every single visitor we receive join me twenty top secret location but they have said it is an actual for us it is in a state park in one of the states and they've been posting close like this answers to the left to me Illinois to the right here I am stuck in with you all right and here's the issue people are guessing what force they're going to be in but at no point does the brand say people should park in designated areas they should respect nature etcetera so you could have hundreds of people trampoline down a trail that picture latter look a rattlesnake ledge on a nice sunny day like it could be insane so now there's a boycott saying anyone who participates in this stupid promotion just hates nature the company has reached out to the National Forest Service hoping to get some like seal of approval saying that this is totally okay but they've already started this countdown that we don't think that the forces in the Pacific Northwest by the way we've narrowed it down some people think Iowa anyway what is the best way to get revenge on your big sister to make amends your family for the things I've done if you recognize that voice he was nominated for an Emmy in the category of outstanding Supporting Actor in a drama series for his role as Theon Greyjoy in the game of thrones yesterday that is actor Alfie Allen now he was reminded that everyone supported his acting career especially his big sister star lily Allen who actually wrote a song about what a loser he was in it was a hit Alfie you can't just sit back and watch your waste and waste your life away and basically talks about him being a stoner is just terrible lily commented well my god now yes and every now that is his big sister everyone all right coming up on the can am I can talk show there's a vote going on right now could set a precedent for our area can government just step in and say can't change that building it's the show box will the voter they wait for the show to wrap up get you that's as we continue right now get a traffic report from Tracy Taylor brought to an immigrant casino crash on northbound I. five south of south center that's taking up the HOV lane left general purpose lane pretty good line up for those of you come in at a sea tac and heading out towards that scene drivers in the south and driver definitely check it out what's happening in speaking of self and a five forty fourth a little at a crash there that's taking up two lanes drivers encountering delays the north and for all five into Kirkland itself in four oh five outside of Bellevue ninety if you're headed east about outside of the state all the way out to is the clock was some five twenties backed up outside of over lake in the valley freeway well yeah I'll tell you more about that coming up here at six oh three traffic brought to you by a real quick you seem to see Pat Benatar Neil Giraldo and real clean July twenty six forty th anniversary tour had only at the I'm a quick you see of the entertainment capital of the northwest kera radio real time traffic I'm.

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