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I'll be sixty four to remind her to make you can tell the difference between the dye and then the commander the commander blows my ear drums of they stop will be to the left of the goal tender who is our goal to the writer yeah yeah yeah he's certainly made his presence felt so far today because once the guy had been centerpoint right server who dropped banks it behind at plot tracks it lot three hurricanes are around him deals a tort point the less circuit stall steals the first ship to down the ice boy when the kids have a chance to close out of pocket area they do it they do it if you can move it quickly though you can expose them they will flood in one area of the ice Java middle center for points I go back to job it's blocked point follows up right wing plot yes to regroup at the red light and listed in first to it though Dougie Hamilton delta trying to clear the premier signees excess full baggage center ice had been alternate for braided point the right way with the dreaded dump it in a got swatted away by Slavin point has a back at center ice and brings it into lighting or an offset position they tag up at him when it's time to his rip it down the ice and again the lightning's troubles tonight specifically but sometimes the last few weeks getting in the zone out nice bass stamp goes to brutal place your boat across the blood right circle maroon makes it for gord record our server maroon rattles it could drop right point centerpoint circuits have with past terrified as a man a place it is also a great place circuit of the knocked up a stick and light accountable route across the blend of circle if you could travel of corner by from room of circle centerpoint circuit Jeff thirty eight the Petaling love circle maroon medical journal of circle centerpoint McGill Serchhip right sort of Tyler Johnson centerpoint Serchhip of server could drop shoots over the net what Rita table teravainen he does battle it out of the zone maroon blocked at dell interns for to drop quick counter it's jadi gourd the team of the family court across the Carolina line love to go job that should save made by road rage and finally dumps a doubling of the ice that's the best savings made tonight I was greeted by another because of what was really final few seconds of the family of another couple chances for the lightning but they're gonna be over three tonight on the man advantage Gordie Johnson across one back for gord little past block but search of falls up we stick by bishop out of the box lighting over three tonight the power play bishop a clear to center ice and it's going to be picked up by bart a two on one across what put it that it is missed it got shipped over the cage wide open that bit right there for Warren full go how did he miss that he put it off the glass and how to play three nothing hurricanes in the second lady radio.

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