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And if you remember. Elvis Presley was doing a lot of like Hawaiian beach type movies in you know a lot of movies at the time but one of the movies was called easy. Come easy go and it's like a. It's a musical comedy type thing. There's lots of you know on the beach type activity going on. You Know Surfing that type of thing but one that was done and of course the designed like what would be like a beach car for the nineteen sixties and they gave. Everybody can picture that you know the the Atlantic colors you know the the Bright Reds Greens yellows blues. That kind of thing. I'm the seats seat. Backs are surfboards. That have been chopped modified in in a way that makes sense for a seat back and they look like surfboards. Sticking out of the car looks like four surfboards. It's of course an open vehicle multi. Everybody can picture the hot rod version of that Big engine up front and you know. Open the top and you know big fenders and everything in the the fat wheels all around us not to fed not like the dragster type ones but just a cool looking beach buggy that you would anticipate you know being from that era with the beach cars. Will I guess they just repurpose this thing? As as the as the joker mobile for the Batman TV series which is really strange to me. Like why? Why would bear bear of all people? He was building so many cars. And and like you said been. This is way off brand. It doesn't seem to fit the joker for me. I don't know why but it just doesn't have the right feel to it. Does it far be for me? Criticize someone's artistic choice but it just doesn't. It doesn't feel like a joker mobile I think. Kurt you said it. Best off air were you describing it as the first round the doors looks like the grinches for Yeah Yeah it's all. Kinda matted down and dirty and I know that that's honest you know it's time right. I think it's time that does that. Because I've seen shag carpet that gets into the same condition after longtime you're on old custom vans and things but This is just like it's kind of dirty and getting gross looking right now but to give it credit. I guess it's in the basement of a museum I don't know there's a lot of tiki designed to it. I mean a lot of you know real intricate design on the door panels and creative it. It it's kind of like going for it. It's it's definitely dirty yet creative. It's definitely dirty and I've seen I've seen the the car. There's a A link to a video where it's a little bit cleaned up a little bit polished up and it's probably the way you saw at been all these photos are a little bit rougher. Maybe the way it came into the shop so it does look a lot better but I don't know as far as being a car for the joker a good villain vehicle. I don't know if it's a villains vehicle has has a happier feel to it you know. Yeah it I was to have that like dichotomy right. Especially Arthur classic joker in the Adam West Batman. Yeah is worlds away from like the Heath Ledger. Joker Oh yeah or the one that we just saw. Recently the backstory off the joker. Oh Yeah I guess. That's pretty darcus. Well how he actually became that person. It's just you're right. It's a completely different character altogether So yeah maybe but it's still just doesn't fit that character very well. It's an oddball piece of the collection. I mean there's there's a lot of those the You'd mentioned other movie cars. Yeah delorean a blade runner There was I have to be on. That was the only exhibit where I had some would say mixed feelings. Because there's nothing wrong with vehicles per se but you know you get up close and you know especially with Scifi vehicles you can see. Like hovercraft a glider of some sort and we know that that technology doesn't exist in the real world right. I accept that. Were there to see the design but then when you get closer and closer to break down and go oh that's at is plywood so you could tell that summer meant to be filmed from far away. Rights others are meant for close ups in those of the refined very carefully put together. You know well done ones. That's where you know they. They got the close ups in the in. The you know maybe the person inside and they're doing you know like driving shots or whatever but it from a distance. These cars don't have to be all that you know they just have to have the same general shape. You'RE GONNA have somebody different driving them a stunt driver. Whoever right right so that doesn't necessarily matter. I think one of the best examples I've ever seen but not person were some of the hardcastle McCormick cars. The Coyote remember the COON COYOTE. Kit Car that they had in that Mccormack the The convict in this whole thing. It's it's very improbable setup for the whole host one. I haven't thought about Robert. Yeah yeah but it's a great list loved to watch that show just for that just for the coyote because cool and they had a few that were really well put together and then they had some that. Were just piles of garbage. I mean they just it were fiberglass shells and they were on top of like a really rough frame and but they drove they run and they ran and drove but those are the ones they would jump over hay bales. And you know. They weren't so careful with it because they didn't. They knew that they could build another one quickly. But if you look at you know some of the stills from the actual film itself or or the television show you're able to tell you know like okay this is really really rough you can see the The intensity with which they focused on details in some cars versus others. That are a little bit worried. Like put together a bit more sloppily. You know right or the rough around the edges so you were there at the museum and you're seeing things like you know tack welds and you've really saw plywood on a car like you see in like it's not metal. It's painted wood. And Yeah Yeah. What about any other like really agree? Just things that you saw cars that were standouts for like you know this is the. I can't even believe this is in here in this museum. But it's part of movie history. Yeah I just WANNA keep I wanNA keep it positive like I ate if anything to put a positive spin on it It just the craftsmanship and the ingenuity of the people involved in the production. Because until you get up close to something like a till you get close to some of these vehicles and I'm not going to name specific ones to get up. Close this of these vehicles. You know when you see them on the screen. It looks real My car is kind of like that. Now Yeah what's going on nothing terrible it's just You know from a distance looks pretty good still the vacuum it. No I think it's just getting older. And there's some dents and dings and things from being in a parking lot security sitting on the trunk with their rifle the rifle butts you that They always causes a lot of scuff and dents and things but now just you know the the normal like minor flaws that come along with owning a vehicle for a certain amount of time. And and you know you're less pleased with close up as as you are. Then you know it becomes like a twenty foot car. You're happier with twenty feet away. Then you are up close when you're polishing the car and you you know just all the flaws and the minor imperfections that are there but I think a lot of these museum cars are like that too they're also many of them here that are pristine and he just beautiful beautiful examples. And maybe I'm I don't know if I'm GonNa lead you to something that wasn't there at this time. There were four or five years ago on the ground floor. They had a display. When I was there of French manufactured cars or or build cars. Bugatti the Taube. Oh I think was another one that they had but there beautiful beautiful flowing designs that were painted just like it looked like they had twenty or thirty coats of paint on them and chrome that was in real decorative Organic flowing curves and everything is useful cars but that was also in that controversy was have going on that they were going to get rid of kind of the American culture. The the the south in particular the South South Southern California car culture type vehicles and changed the whole thing over to like these French designs because the the new owner of the place and there was a lot of back and forth. Talk about what they were doing because they were selling some cars off. I think at the time right. People were worried that they were going to completely convert over to a different type of museum that it was never intended to be like where. Where does the Line Stop Right? Yeah exactly yeah because they had that history of being kind of like a a microcosm of southern California car culture through the decades like everything from the very beginning of the automobile all the way through current day. Yeah we'll definitely expanded their collection you know and one of the things is really impressive And you can see these if you go during the right time would be all the all the concept cars they. Have you know like they have a plymouth explorer that was built by Ghia and It explore yeah is nineteen fifty four. This was just a design study for Blake. How it Plymouth? Look if this manufacturer built it yeah I like stuff like that. Yeah and is really stylish. Nineteen thousand nine hundred forty four hundred. I'M GONNA have to look that up and see what that was all about but You so they have more than they have other concept vehicles there of course sure. But yeah I I. I find like just the declarative nature of what they have there to be fascinating too. It's like they. They didn't focus on just one type vehicle or one No not. It's not not that there's a bad thing about this but when you go to certain museums that have a focus like that. It's like hot Rod Matab Museum or drag Racing Museum than I went to recently they. It's all drag racing cars. They've got a separate building. That has you know. They're the collection of the owner. You know that has other stuff but like one building is strictly just for this type of vehicle. I find it fascinating that they have. So many different cars they can rotate in and out like And they have all these different Exhibits can again bring in and out like the they have a Porsche collection. Right I guess is is pretty exemplary as well. They have like extensive as they say Everything from one thousand nine hundred eighty nine Porsche. Sixty four all the way up through you know. Modern Day porsches well. They have Japanese automotive industry. Vehicles Air on display. Like you know a huge history of Japanese automotive industry so like everything from the beginning to the end of that as well. They have children's race cars that are powered that they can bring out. Which I think is a fascinating thing. I'd love to see that that I didn't see. I don't think I remember seeing any of those but the power children's race cars would be really cool thing because I'm a big go kart fan anyway. Like right They have you know the lightning McQueen car from you know Pixar. Yeah D.C. Disney car Delaney McQueen shirt on today. It's kind of like a sort of a superman superman movie. I just realized that I had the shirt on today. That's what I'll say. They have the NASCAR Herbie there. Which is kind of a unique vehicle. The nineteen ninety-two batmobile. Of course you talked about. They've got Elvis Presley's Pandera is somewhere there that car. That's another one that we just talked about recently. You know how Elvis Presley a guy he was. He had a lot of cars big collection of cars and the Patera one that sometimes. We'll make the rounds you know. They'll it'll travel. And you know with cars the rockstars or whatever you know and I know that it went to the Henry Ford at some point and you can go see you know. There's the bullet hole in the in the steering wheel from where he shot. The king shot the car. Apparently when it wouldn't start and I think the story is that after he shot at the things started up like it worked like he threatened it into operating in. What's the street? There's a whole story behind The the pen Tara L. and Elvis Presley but Oh and you've talked about the delorean time machine. That's one that I think everybody can picture. There's there's all kinds of movie cars and cars are owned by famous people. I know I saw When I was there there was Fatty arbuckle scar. He's a he's a car guy A big car guy. He's a he's a he's a big guy he was the big fella thus the nickname fatty arbuckle but he Hit cars that were built by parley. Earl he went to Harley Earl on three cars made specifically for him by Harley Earl. He were designed and built for him by Him. I guess that predates the days when he worked for GM of course and was fulltime on the GM design Steph. But her one of the things about Fatty arbuckle he.

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