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Two presidents to Florida recounts two very different tones. Let's dive right in and talk about with our panel congresswoman, I'll start with you President Trump going full-throatedly against what's going on in Florida. You saw the difference with President Clinton who that was a presidential one. And it was his vice president who was on the ballot there. What's your take? Well, he ought to have proof for when he says that seems to be something that's been thrown out the window. But if you're going to say something is there's criminal behavior or there's unethical behavior or there's corruption to have proof. He doesn't have any proof of that senior your guests at we're on just a little bit ago every vote count. That's what matters getting to the truth. Whether it's an investigation. Whether it's vote recounts, whatever it is just getting to the truth matters. We talked a little bit ago. I'm a former journalist I'm a former investigative journalists. And what always guided us in journalism, and I don't believe this. Journalists are the enemy of the people. I believe there. Essential to our democracy that getting to the truth is what should matter we should count every vote, and we ought to have every attempt to do that. And we should note also that the election officials in Florida, Broward County and Palm Beach county should be transparent with the process and open up these rooms to the journalists down there, Florida has excellent local journalists, and that's part of this process as well. Big thing. I mean, we have we know that they have violated the law court came down and said that pump Palm Beach county violated terms of transparency in terms of when they filed the votes. Well, that's sort of important. I mean, it's very. But I'm just saying it's not fraudulent. But where does fraud happen? It happens when people are watching, and there is no transparency and people aren't following procedures procedures are in place to stop fraud. They are not following procedures. Therefore, and they're keeping it. There's no transparency that raises a big concern that there might be fraud going on because if there wasn't why wouldn't you be transparent? And why wouldn't you follow the law Senator Turner year from a state where people have alleged voter fraud against Republicans? I'm old enough to remember the two thousand four presidential race where people made all sorts of allegations against the Bush campaign in Ohio without any evidence without any proof just based on a lot of suspicion. Well, I mean, listen, if they broke the rules, the court said that they broke the rules in Palm Beach, and they should be held accountable for that. But we can't complete these two different things between elections officials not doing their job and actually saying that there is voter fraud going on in Florida has a problem. It has had a problem for a very long time. The federal government should step in and the help America vote act. There was funding. These states are underfunded in terms of their voting aparatus, and we need to have a better commitment as a nation towards making sure that every state has what it needs to have the apparatus, but count every vote and let the chips fall where they may. So the president's railing against what's going on in Florida was part of a very aggressive week by the president in which he went after a whole bunch of America institutions house oversight, journalists, elections officials, etc. There's one in particular that I really was curious about your response to it as a former FBI official the president attacking the democratic house majority and their. Desire to do oversight tweeting the morning after the election. If the Democrats think they're going to waste taxpayer money investigating us at the house level, then we will likewise before to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of classified information and much else at the Senate level two can play that game. And then later on he went on at the press conference to talk about how the Trump administration itself would be going after that's not just using the Senate against the house. But that's also potentially using the department of Justice and the FBI against the house. What do you think of that? Obviously that's always the wrong answer in any of these. I do think that the house risks going into becoming the house of investigations throwing subpoenas because they're curious not well-founded that's a risk that that can happen. But I think the president interjecting himself into a process of I will investigate you that that is a form of intimidation that I think is uncalled for at the presidential level, candidly, just like, I think it's wrong. The Democrats are saying we've got a stack of subpoenas that were just curious about to me. That's wrong too. We've got to get back to a normal operation of these house committees and the president needs to just worry about listen, if he would've talked about jobs and the economy, and the things that his administration did do right election could have turned out very very differently. He didn't he's caught in this trap of you know, it's really it's not that I win you have to lose. And when he goes through then I think this was a week of frustration. You saw the president venting frustration in ways, I don't think is helpful to good regular order of really important institutions, the congress of the United States, you're a democratic congresswoman, but you're a Republican part of Illinois, your former investigative journalists that says you want to go where the facts go. Do you have any concerns? Having heard from incoming judiciary committee, chairman Jerrold Nadler that Democrats are gonna go out on fishing expeditions. Well, I'm not a lawyer. I'm not on the judiciary. But I believe we ought to just let the truth ghitis listened to Mike Rogers, and we're talking in the hallway on our our walk down. To sit right here with you. He was speaking glowingly about Detrick Parker who was the democrat Mike Rogers was the chair on Intel. We just need to let the truth guide us, remove the politics, especially from the intelligence committee. We need we need to work together. Democrats and Republicans. I don't think it's that hard when you have reasonable people. And I don't think it's hard to do that. What do you think that that's from her from her mouth to God's ears? But I don't know. I just look at it from the president's perspective, the president suffered some some losses. That were EMMY unforced errors a lot of suburban Republicans lost because of this president's hyperbole and and combative tone. This is not pretending for him to take a step back and recognize this is going to affect his ability to win reelection. He cannot win states like Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and Wisconsin and other states continuing this, this harsh combative attitude that turns off suburban voters at the same time not appealing to to minorities who I think should be voting for him based upon his record of the economy and what he's doing creative Pleming opportunities. And and and and better well being for them. So he either he has to do something to change his tone and what he's done coming out of the box is dubbed. Down on that tone. And that's just a big mistake. Speaking of which another something that I wanted to I wondered what you thought had to do with the president's combative tone. He went after four journalists in particular this week, one of them was Jim Acosta, perhaps the one that was not noticed the most, but coincidentally or not the other three were African American women. Take a listen. On the campaign trail, you called yourself, a nationalist some people saw that as in bowling, white, nationalist. Now people are saying why? Such a racist. There's some..

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