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I just. Machine Yeah. So so what what do you think of the responses don't you're supposed to say? I'll announce the winner at the end of all. Our final game is America's favorite game show. Would you stay with this cheater? That you have to at least listened to the question I. Know You have very black and white views of cheating? Your Wife, a forty two years is recovering from knee surgery. And needs to go to physical therapy twice a week. You find out months into treatment that your wife is naked during physical therapy. So she can feel more connected to her body. Would you stay with this cheater slash nudist? Her physical therapist is very good looking. Why does she need to be? Because she says that it helps be more connected to her. Physical Therapist. Only touch your knee. But the physical therapist is also naked. Why? because. He thinks he does a better job naked as well. I. This is so confused. But I, also does does my wife tell me this the first day never me. At no doesn't tell you until one day go to pick her up you find both naked knee exercises. I hide under you would leave mob for that. Okay wait wait wait. It takes place in the home. No takes place at a physical therapy off and they're not wearing like when you get when you get a massage, you're wearing a little towel nothing no complete. Both of them are completely the only ones in the physical therapy office. KNOWS, everybody's naked in this place. No just them. All right I'm out. It's over. Yeah. You have stayed for so much worse than this one you're trying to imagine if I was if I was monogamous. I know that's hard for you. I know it is hard I. Alien to I get. Yeah. I guess I would leave mostly because I'm like imagining like doing physical therapy and you're like off there's no cover and you're like, if you get a at least they put down like a sheet like I don't know it seems gross. It just for sanitary reasons you're Li. Seems gross but that has said what if this is the only way new get better? Wow. That's fair. Okay. So I'm going to announce the winner. Award Gabby Five, hundred, seventy, two points and my dad, Ken. Raskin seven hundred thirty seven points mainly for just being a really good sport during this. Hypothetical. Data. All the answers, right Now. Nobody got the. That's Disappointed if anybody did. Thank you so much for joining US I. Hope that you're not mad at me and I love you very much..

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