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God so. all right pumpkin spice flavored spam I'm on the look out we got to get some of that and give it a whirl give it a test run a test drive traffic and weather every ten minutes on a tentative start eating corn products and can I Kelsey and Johnny wow yeah that's a big no well I time and time again that's a no for me. I don't know what this would taste like no thank you hoping for me thank you I I don't like that yeah I was I don't know I'm my first thought is no but this is. accident scene still closing off Roberts road between Wall cut and international factor meant to with this location this afternoon that is just west of two seventy they've been trying to get off the Roberts road you want to maybe take Wilson road down to what trade you use that as a detour for seventy west from two seventy over to Rome Hilliard back up to Roberts road downtown a little crowded in both US seventy east brown seventy one north of town one sixty one west remember your clothes at all with handy that due to construction work to go ahead and follow and follow the deed to their three fifteen down the Bethel traffic sponsored by circle K. you know the price of gas is right now it doesn't matter how many dollars and who cares sense get the easy pay card at circle K. say thirty cents a gallon on your first one hundred gallons then save six cents a gallon every Philip after that sign up in store visit circle K. dot com slash easy pay for more details traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tense power by temp star and the starters heating and cooling accept either for twenty. I'm John Hill news radio six ten WTVN..

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