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Listen, very often info wars dot com. Video audio streams David night show, the war room. I was Royer. They go. Yeah. And I'm like, yeah. Think about it. And then spread the word that people. Get habituated listening shirt and way, people either listen to books on tape at a certain website or they listened on itunes or they watch on YouTube. That's how people do things they tend to do things on one or two mediums. And everyone's been trained to only gone. Ghana that one big platform like Facebook or Twitter know, ladies and gentlemen, I started out on talk radio. Before I ever had a lab site before I was ever on YouTube that around almost twenty five years, and I know the core audience understands that our core audience is better than ever, but our outreach new people has been cut off to a great extent where we can actually get real timely information to them like we're about to do. And that's where your ambassadors that's where your foot soldiers. That's where your captains is where your generals, it's where you're the chiefs. And where you're just the regular end dance. In this fight. We're all in it together. And it's never been easier to get people. Tune in you say you've heard Alex Jones demonize you've heard about what a bad person he has Shimano newspaper all the time with these out of context. Quote, why don't you go? See what it is. He's actually saying that the globalist are saying is show incredibly bad, so incredibly evil now a slowdown here. Next segment. I'm going to get to the meat and potatoes fact that Jesse small it was allowed to walk today when he was caught totally open and shut case red prime officia. Running giant scam. Staging a false flag. Why is that happening? Is happening because Obama and the Democrats out of Chicago were involved in this along with the individuals running empire. I said that a month ago. And now you learned there are federal investigations. There are calls for other federal investigations in two Cam, FOX and Tina chin. Who both have worked with Obama and one of them was Obama's direct lawyer? So you've got opening shot. That's coming up. Next segment. Going to get to right now. I'm going to get three right now. Is the open and shut fact. One hundred and ten percent. That Obama.

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