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Very profitable system of chattering about all these character histories who ham cutting and really quick to remind you all about my digital magazine back story it's an ipad magazine that focuses on the art and business of storytelling currently were an ipad only magazine and also available on google play another tablets but fear not were come into the web very soon you could checkout www died backstory dot net for updates as i said earlier i servers have been transferred were and final testing and it's all looking really great sea will finally be able to read backstory on the web very soon when important thing to remember about backstory is that when you subscribe on the web you'll get access to every single issue we've ever published she will be in the loop on everything my team has put a lot of work into our newest you number twenty nine with blade when or 24 nine cover stories that include indepth interviews from writers hampton fancier and michael green on this utterly fantastic marvel of a film in fact some of hamptons article includes explanations of moments in scenes that were scripted but never shot for 'bladerunner twenty forty nine that's fast nateing stuff as well there's also plenty more stuff from hampton fancher david webb people's regarding the original blade runner including script experts that you could read that i researched at the margaret herrick academy library and the writers guild foundation library as well in issue twenty you could also read the entire blacklist screenplay knuckle plus an interview with its writer david matteo issued twenty nine also features actor writer dany mcbride and director david gordon green chatting about riding season two of each 'buts darkly hilarious vice principles we also have actor jason isaacs chatting about taking the captain's chair and star trek discovery actor george griffith on playing ray and twin peaks the return directors dayton ferriss on battle of the sexes director andy machete on the horror hit it screenwriter jason hall on thank you for your service and will even have a story on thawra rag narok which will be updated into the issue when the film comes out into theaters and so much more to explore remember if you have an ipad or any tablet with google play the app an issue one our postal.

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