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That's the reference that they make perfect oh man in a for member correctly craig t nelson plates their coach so that's you know typecasting potere point he also played a coach in now blades of glory he played the he played the john hater in no and we'll we'll farrell's coaching blades glued speaking of wool farrell he's been in like nine hundred sports movies have you have you ever thought about this he's in blades a glory he's in what tells a basketball movie name the name of the basketball me be may oh man was funny to he was in telladega nights what else kicking and screaming the when he's the soccer dad that's a sports movie secretly will farrell was in a nine hundred sports movies so i'm still trying to remember what the name of the the basketball movie made would man the 70s as the team as the tropics they were in from flint michigan right it's a term it's a basketball term the name of the movie is also a basketball term semi pro semi pro that's it he had some great hair that movie that's a pretty funny movie semipro that's pretty funny so tell dignite seventy perot blades of glory and kicking and screaming that's four sports movies that will farrell was in what has he been in any other sports movies now turns trying to think elf is that a sports movie would you consider their sports movie you know as.

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