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The time to get a more. Unbelievable. Price for details. Head to toe dot com slash Toro days. I'm ready to make my credits. Can I'm ready to take classes from university. That will help me build a Mike spirits to prepare me for the future. I McNeil support. It a curse and connected quickness or go to online dot EDU today. Boby available for complete details and registration visit Mustang cat dot com slash tag sale of you are used inventory anytime at Mustang cat dot com slash us. So let's hear your idea for the new ad, okay? Visualize this we start off with the camera zooming in on the Houston, paddock odors, logo as fades away. We get an aerial shot showing three industrial buildings on six acres with eighteen wheelers getting loaded ways, I'm not sure you get much better. You have clips of large Dr gates skids and oil field equipment moving in and out of our over size of. I don't think you understand case, Houston, paddock odors, capabilities of applying F B on the idea of pipes and fittings anyways. All this is going on the website scrolling the bottom of the screen, Houston powder, coders dot com. You know, make it really pop you better coders dot com. Then after all this we surprise everyone by sewing that we can awful handle smaller residential outdoor patio furniture. Let them see that we can do all of the work in house. The final thought is thirty team members standing together and say we're Houston proud where Houston strong, we're Houston voters. Sounds great. But this ads for the radio. Don't listen to what Chris said about Andro four hundred. I lost almost forty pounds in ten weeks by son was getting married. And when I went for the soup fitting, I was a size forty eight. And when it went back to do the final fitting, I was a forty four. I have more energy. That's for sure probably lost four inches around. My belly fifty seven. And when I was in my thirty. Here's what Dwayne set about Andro four hundred this product, really works. I'm an old guy. I don't trust. Nobody. I've tried all kinds of stuff. It's one of the few things I've ever bought at work. I couldn't believe I feel better. I have more energy to walk twelve miles a day. I feel great change my life. It really has..

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