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Townhall dot com I'm Keith Peters a Turkish, court has rejected an appeal for, US pastor Andrew brunson's released from, house detention Washington kept putting on the pressure but. Did not give in, for a third time a Turkish court ruled the American pastor Andrew. Branston could not be released and sent home his lawyer said he would be appealing against. The ruling in a tweet, posted earlier today President Trump. Called Mr. Brunson a great patriot or stage he doubled tariffs on imports of Turkey steel and, aluminium last week sending Turkish lira toy record low Washington repeatedly warned that Turkey could face, further sanctions if, Mr. Bronson was not. Released CVC correspondent ceiling Jarrett reporting from Istanbul the judge in Paul Manafort fraud trial says he won't release the names of the. Jurors afterwards out of fears for their safety the AP's among the media organizations that asked judge ES l. s. the third, to reveal the, jurors names after the trial Ends at an afternoon hearing during day two of deliberations Ellis said he does not intend to. Make the names. Public say he has received criticism and threats and imagines, the jurors would to Ellis revealed he's under US marshals protection after, being threatened after the hearing the jury asked to. Stop work half hour, early today because one juror has an event to attend saga megani. Washington a Texas jury has awarded more than two hundred forty two million dollars to a. Dallas area family who sued, Toyota over what they said. Were defective front seats in their Lexus sedan Benjamin and Christie Rivas alleged defects caused their front, seat backs in September two thousand sixteen rear end collision to collapse on their two young, children seated in, child safety seats in. The back their attorney said the five year old daughter and three year old son suffered severe head trauma and other injuries a..

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