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Sean Gallagher family and friends last night more the death of a sixteen year old who was shot and killed during a sting operation Friday night with a vigil sixteen year old Julius Erving Tate junior was caught up in an undercover tactic. Or a swat team was setting up meetings online with people wanting to buy or sell goods police say when taste showed up to the meeting. He pulled a gun on the undercover officer and a cover officer nearby fired on him and struck Tate. ABC six is Jeff Riddick? Police spokesperson said it is early in the investigation the cops involved in the sting are now on paid leave and Gemeda still has not seen her son's body. But now at some point she will bury him though, she says that will not be the end, right? Haven't been contacted all and I'm going to get to the bottom Jimmy Malone question if the gun belong to her son and also of someone planted it one person is dead after being struck by a car last night in southeast Columbus. Police say the accident happened near the intersection of bright road and win. Pike the name of the victim has not yet been released. The driver of the vehicle that hit. The victim stated the scene last night. The annual Christine's Christmas concert was held its held every year in memory of Christine Wilson, a young woman who tragically lost her life in a house fire near OSU's campus in two thousand three the event partners with make a wish of Ohio Kentucky, and Indiana and has raised more than nine hundred thousand dollars for children's charities. That includes the one hundred thousand dollar sprays in two thousand seventeen Ohio State quarterback twain Haskins finished third in the final Heisman voting as Oklahoma's Schuyler Murray won the award Haskins during ESPN's broadcast on OSU's. Bumpy starts at the season which finished with a big ten title this year. It was hard for us to go out there. I mean, you came on every game with her. Go to go to war. So and whether it was a team nor plan does. I can't even say the name. We'll look at a whole bunch of fun this year saw zone six and the rest of my teammates, man, they they lowered for me with the Heisman Trophy presentation. Now in the rear view mirror Haskins in Ohio State will prepare to play Washington in the Rose Bowl coming up on New Year's day..

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