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Bob, Einstein who is curb your enthusiasm arrested development all dead at the same age seventy six so who's going next a two on WTVN one eight hundred six ten WTVN. Larry welcome to the show. What's up, brother? Hey, excuse me. A couple of things I wanted to say real quick. Outlasts? Clint Eastwood, I don't know how much you know, about him. But the guy still works out run like dogs like three or five miles every day. That is unbelievable man. He looks like he's a hundred and twelve well look at bay. But I mean, physically the guys in great shape. She was like a hundred. So it's in the genes, right? Somebody I wanted to mention oh Jimmy Carter. I'll tell you. What? Good did even make it the Bush. Yeah, I believe he was. Well, you know what? Now, you're making me doubt. I'm not sure. But you're right. He does look looking peak it. Yeah. I mean, I know he's out there doing building homes for habitat for humanity for the homeless. But the last time I had cancer recently. Good. And I don't think he was at the deal. Yeah. You might be right. I. At the very end. He was the total opposites. It was Carter than it. Was it was there? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. But that that'd be my guess right now. All right. Thanks, larry. Appreciate it, man. So we're talking about the celebrity death poll, which it's not who we hope goes. It's just who do you think is going next? I, you know, people with Bater Ginsburg like he just was talking about. What about Larry Flint is still boy he looks what I thought. I honestly thought Larry Flint was dead is he I don't think. So I mean it was in here. This is where we're going to get into you'd never know like some of these that I did this list and was looking at stuff. You're right base. Seventy six years old. Yeah. He put he looks like he's looks like he's really struggling still Chuck welcome to the show. You got somebody in the celebrity death poll who do you think's going next? I I look at Robert Redford in wonder how long he adds. He used to be a great looking guy. And he's a he's a great actor a great director, but smoking's age, I just saw his most recent movie too. And boy, I can tell you how much of an impact it had on me. I can't remember the name of it. But I thought it was actually pretty good. How old is he now I I don't even have that one on my I don't have Radford on my list. Have no idea. Yeah. You're right though. Apparently, very all right. All right. Thanks, chuck. Appreciate it. Yeah. We're talking celebrity death poll. Jim welcome to the show. Thanks for calling. Hey blazer. It's jim. How're you? Doing. Good, brother. What's up? Good, man. Hey, I almost hesitated to call. Because I'm like, you know, maybe some omen for me for this coming year accounts scare this to call make this call. Yeah. It sounds like if you start like guessing on somebody else's. You're like, I hope it doesn't come through with me. Right. Right. Exactly. Although, you know, I'm eighty five they take me out. I'm good with that nothing. Good happens after eighty five, but have you? I forget McCain's mom's name, but she's like a hundred and six. Yeah. Roberta sweating the grave went on a banana peel. She is like, okay. I can't believe I figured, you know, she's. God bless I don't mean. Just some disrespectful, but she lost her son her husband's gone. It's like what else? Do you got to live for you know? Yes, she's one hundred six Roberta McCain is who you're talking about. Yeah. Yeah. She looks kind of feisty. I don't know maybe she might make it through. But but you guys stole my thunder on Larry Flynn. I mean, I was thinking that guy's gotta die sooner or later, you know, and he looks awful too. You know, I know I know what talk about hard lights to my God. Yeah. No doubt. Thanks, jim. I appreciate it..

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