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Bob euchre say live from Miller park. It's just gonna be odd. Now, there's a couple years we've got a couple of years to get through this. I wanted to share with us. We begin our conversation this afternoon on the naming rights for the ballpark. The letter that went out internally early this morning too. All Miller employees someone shared this with me. And I wanted to share part of it with you. This was an internal communication last season was a special one for brewers baseball. And with this team. I'm sure there will be many more to come. We're proud of our shared history with the brewers. In fact, we're not for Miller Brewing. Major league baseball would have looked a lot different in Milwaukee. If it existed there at all now, that's very true. There was a funding gap. When the stadium was built in two thousand and one in Miller stepped up and didn't negotiate hard and said they were doing the right thing and paying big time naming rights to fund the stadium. And then the letter ended with this late last year American family insurance proactively pitched the brewers and incredibly rich offer for the future naming rights to Miller park. We're proud to welcome American family to the family. We'd been part of while the name on the stadium will change following the twenty twenty season our relationship with the brewers remains as strong as ever an internal memo given to me that went out to Miller employees today coming up at three twenty we will continue the conversation. Greg Matic has been talking to some of the main players in this whole deal. He is at Miller park. He broke the story earlier today, Greg, and I'll sort this all out coming up at three twenty one and Morocco. You know, this guy he's a humorous in SAS to journalists. He's a great guy. He's on CBS Sunday morning..

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