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Chris Ryan, IRA, Kate Nibs discussed on The NBA Show



Hey everybody thanks for listening to the ringer nba show group chat is chris ryan i'm joined today by jason concepcion kevin o'connor justin vary and paolo getty we talked cavs celtics game five which the celtics one without much problem we also talked a little bit of warriors rockets and some off season quired news doc rivers news want to make sure you're listening to ringer nba show all week long we got he check on sunday chris vernon and kevin o'connor we got sources say group chat andhra class so you have a full slate of shows a lot of which are going up late at night after these conference finals games will continue that into the finals while i've got your attention please subscribe to channel thirty three on the ringer podcast network where you can hear the big picture with sean fantasy jim session with amanda dobbins juliette littman the press box with david shoemaker and brian curtis and damage control with justin charity and kate nibs that further ado let's get into group chat basketball is very good casey would make the finals in the east then summons doesn't need a jumper terry rozier is more than ira good ball is gary welcome to the nba show it's group kevin o'connor just very chris ryan powell getty blog boys big boys in the back everybody in the booth steps numb we are here oh there was the best ball game we are here to talk about celtics cavs game five.

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Chris Ryan, IRA, Kate Nibs discussed on The NBA Show

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