President Trump, Russia, Venezuela discussed on The Lead with Jake Tapper - Reince Priebus out, John Kelly in as White House chief of staff, Baby Charlie Gard dies after life support withdrawn, Russia to seize US properties in retaliation over sanctions


With whom you work on the intelligence committee said on on my show state of the union a few weeks ago was at the trumps whether it's the father the president or or eric or don jr are always very careful when they talk about russian investments they talk about how they don't have any money in russia but they never talk about how russians might not have money in trump industries trump properties let me give you another example this is the first president who hasn't been willing to release his taxes in four years i've introduced legislation to change that if he had those taxes released for example you could find out about some issues that may relate to borrowing money that's why the public's got a right to have this information but what might have to do with anything well certainly if you look at the fact that in two thousand eight the trump family said much of our portfolio involves russian investment red don jr sadat don jr sent a tough time to get get money and the president hasn't disclosed his taxes and we're looking at a tax reform bill that might benefit of the trump family we have got to get out of this she's but would that have anything necessary to do with the investigation into possible collusion and or is this just interesting and while i'll just i'll just tell you point blank don juniors meeting the one that took place in the summer 2016 clearly with an attempt to collude if you look at those emails if you look at his own it in admissions i don't think you can conclude otherwise arts center on wide to bargain thank you so much appreciate it ramseyer bracing for the worst as the death toll keeps rising families of us embassy employees being told to leave venezuela venezuela as tensions rise ahead of a controversial vote stay with us.

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