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Hi, Tom. Martino. Your trouble shooter Three Oh, 3713 talk three. Oh, 37138255. All right, Harry. Welcome to the show. What's happening, Harry? Hey, Tom. Well, I didn't have this happy and experience there with my sewer this weekend. What happened, man? Just the floor drain. You know how to come up. If you run your washing machine, That's that's not a good That's not a good sign. Well, not you. Yeah. Usually just that floor drain sometimes basement. You know, sometimes it could be Maura depends. So anyway, what did what happened? Well, first I called fix it 24 7 right into some call center. Yeah, I thought I might accidentally got ahold of the I R s if you get my drift. Well, they have a local hold me back. Hold on a sec that you wait a minute. They have a local call center, and all those calls are answered by their people. Are you saying they didn't call back at all? Note, are you I called No, I promise you. Wow. So you waiting now to this day to this day, they never called back and said, Oh, by the way, we're starting. Sorry we didn't get a hold of you or something Nice. Have not got a call back. I thought I might accidentally called the wrong number. So I got on your website. Yeah, and got the number off of there and called. It was the same thing that's too bad ever And then that's too bad, You know, Listen a few times a few times I've heard about this and I actually talked to the owner and he said That they are slammed. They are saying, but that's still no excuse. I get it, But he wants to know. By the way he asked me, and we can do this after the called Suzanne, If you just please give us on. It doesn't have to be the exact time but around the time and date he will want to investigate it. I promise you that, But anyway, what happened then? What happened then? Well, it's like Called done and they answered right away. They're pretty good people. Yeah. Yeah, I was thrilled that and dumps still not unthreatened. What happens, say? To the point. I mean, they got there exactly when they said they were going to get there until the following day Sunday because I had stuff to do, and they wasn't a big deal. It's only if you run the washer. What happened? Got there? Yeah, well, he ran the snake and ran the snake and went on for quite a while that checked on him, and he said he didn't think he could get it. Was still backing up. Wow. I Honestly, I'm old. Not done a lot of stuff, but I don't think he was running the snake part Not that kept getting better that Maury Granite. Well, one thing they don't want to do is get that snake caught for sure. Because that because that would be massively part. So what happened? Especially on a weekend? So what happened? I'm not making excuses. But did they clear it? I got it to work a little bit better. But the price is what got me was 260, which is fine. I knew it was the weekend. It's cheap and they said, Well, yeah, and they said they don't do the 99 or free. Anymore? No, no, By the way, plumb line does come line does 93 or free Yeah, I couldn't remember what it was, like way. I just wanted it done. Okay. Big deal. So, $260. How long did they spend their Well, he's Went down there. He said he'd been there for 40 minutes, and it was only good for an hour if he couldn't get it in a hour. And they wanted to call in some kind of a jet. Right? Yeah. Water jetting Because that can't get that can't get caught. Yeah. Yeah, I was gonna be another 500 on top of 60. So I'm married yet Close to $800. Well, did you do the jet though? No, I am running. Another 10 minutes and he said, Well, so he lowered the price down to 99. Which other and the kid was nice. Everybody was there, so they came out and got a partially going for 99 bucks. Yeah, I'm okay with that. Now what you gonna do? This wasn't gonna do that water things. I just went down to home Depot branded one of them 50 footers ran it myself. No. Bush. No, Wait a minute. Now Wait a minute. This hold on. Wait a minute. You won't have this guy. You had this guy working almost an hour Granted 99 bucks And it was it was running pretty well. It wasn't backing up better, but it was still slow. Why it would back up with washer. It was ended in this watch you wait. Hold on. I got to get this straight. What did you rent? Just got a 50 ft Electric Road, ruder And you going to do that? To begin a life ban? You ran it mold and you ran it. Did you feel an obstruction anywhere when you did it? No, I just ran it all the way it's about 25. Maybe. I'd say 25 ft over to the main in that floor dry any completely clear where I could, and I could hear it hit the other side. Hold it back. She runs like a dream. Wow, Harry, I would be. No, no. Listen, I know the people had done. I want to call him and ask him. No, I'll tell you why. I'm not saying Listen, obviously, I don't think they tried to cheat you. But I don't understand this. So I don't understand why you could do it with a rented snake and they couldn't do it now, by the way. Gun does not have their own drain division. I don't believe plumb line on your list. Just so you know, number the one that's always on just so you know, they don't have any subcontractors when it comes to drainage work, And I think I think fix it just added a drain division. I believe they did, But But listen, I want with your permission. Really? I first I got to tell Georgia fix it about not getting called back, okay, because he wants to know that also, I think we should call done and say this half. Then because he's gonna want to know because the tech that went out there even though he's a nice guy. I mean, truly, he ran it. Hey, worked it for a good hour. I know he got it loosened up because it was running a little better. But if you run the washer Come back up in the bowl. And he said he didn't think he could do it, You know? Well, listen, man, Lismore. It didn't want to hurt the pipe, and I understand. Listen, I get it. He didn't want to hurt the pipe You went through, though, and you didn't feel any kind of Indication you would hurt anything but you know what I just got. I want people to know this. Listen, I want people to know this. If you were, you'd lose using any other list. There was nowhere to call. You can call me and we will look into this and give feedback to them. I promise you this. I'm glad they reduced it. They opened it up somewhat, but you're right, Harry. I'd be concerned, too. If I rented something, and it just cleared it right up that they refund it. I don't know what we're gonna let him know that done and also will let George know Suzanne, if you could get the specifics on that call that they were not returned people. This is show is an open book. We share circumstances good and bad. I want you to call me We feedback on anything? Plus, if you have a problem, a question or a complaint, I want to know about it. Mark. I think that's the first complaint I've heard of done in years. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Now. By the way, Deputy Smarty Pants says, you know, rental corporations that manage rentals that they're difficult because they usually don't want to talk to anyone except the tenant. But he's going to try and they might have the tenant call If I could get through. Maybe they can put her in touch. You know, they'll put her in touch directly, but he's going to give it a try on that one rental where there's no heat. Jeanette. So, deputy, smarty pants is going to get on it. And then if you have a problem, let us know. Now let's see. Ah, white, I believe, is it? Well, I'm sorry. Not what? Willie. Willie, You have a comment. Go ahead quickly. Willie and I have to take a break. What's going on, Willie? Called Bullseye Plumbing. They did a bunch of work over there as far as their main line as far as running supply and return to the boilers and their boilers are bad advice..

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