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Nine sports radio sixty six you plow lower for me richard near on the fan until ten o'clock brian rest gonna in co chair sweeney murder will be joining us in about twenty minutes time to talk yankee baseball as the bombers labor day i guess so four games in a row with home runs this kid you know this is one of those situations where the hype seems to be true you know you hear so much about prospects of this guy's great this guy's great and so many times it come up in there now ready to play and they look they need some work and a lot of times they never pan out but this kid after coming up late he had the tommy john surgery on his opposite arm last year with the tear and he comes up this year a little bit late didn't come out of spring training and i thought well maybe the yankees all you know they got neil walker they'll get a veteran to play second base but they bring him up and all he has done is just tear the cover off the ball and hit hit hit for power would he says i'm not even a power hitter i'm a line drive guy well wind drives over the fence so is doing the job big time we'll talk to sweeney about that phone calls tollfree eight seven seven three three seven six six six six brought to you by mohegan sun unlimited possibilities await you at mohegan sun plan your stay at mohegansun dot.

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