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Pm europe luxottica uh oh you know we're going to have is one of those this is a mass exodous the national park service one of the members of the national park service board is going to talk to us about the health of our national parks and are they going to raise the price on entry and stuff like that why they all leave they'll left bike and wants to nia about eight him just said we don't want to do this anymore john williams one three today tend to noon every saturday think of as we did get some responses under quite a few as a matter of fact you know the question of the fire and fury book if you cast the movie today yes bring back john candy it's a fabulous trump the big story if can bring back drunk and exactly don goodman would be good uh that do all yeah trump's hair cousin it any questions i gary abuse he should play trump a that's a good one that'd be a cast kevin spacey could come back is trump's hair nobody'd see him there either ron howard trump's hair but he narrated like you would have been arrested development i'll yeah above cat gulf way that's a that's an older referenced but funny and stormy daniels this is the porn star that trump is alleged to have had an affair with stormy daniel should play a vodka trump and fire and fury this is an exceptionally creepy bend of the story because stormy daniels has just granted an interview to in touch their again in touch not the bastion of journalism but in touch and stormy daniels interview said that after having sex with donald trump he referenced it she reminded him of his daughter the ah and leaks enough said nine 25 back with something completely different in a moment but first what you got well amazon has released the twenty candidate cities for the new h q to issue cargo on that list that story and more coming up at nine thirty from the wgn radio newsroom uh walters respective is brought to you by hearing health centre dot com economic here at any time a wgnradiocom would ever.

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