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That is using against Toronto thirteen twenty three left in the second the urgency with which Gord is playing right now, I think is helped his teammates in a way without a doubt. When you see a guy going like Yanni gorgeous tonight. He's not stopping these his feet are moving all the time. And that just makes everybody else want to pick up their game. To Vars and Tyler Johnson to the left manderson Johnson's thrown out. So point we'll take the draw. Instead. Davar's wins it Hanes in the far corner right wing martyr off his it's held in circuit jump left point of corner. Johnson tried to finance it in front blocked. Hanes. Eat trying to clear good stick kucherov disrupted, the initial attempt and finally mourner out to center ice of said feed Morgan Riley gets to inter-lining point punches it cross ice. Puck is loose martyr feeds tomorrow's right corner from Arner right circle zone time here for Toronto back for. Tomorrow's binding, Eddie fumbles it point steals a path blocked by Vars. He tried to go behind the net point has come back to them sweeps for kucherov lightning really need a clear right now. Gujrat banks for surrogate Chavan little behind the net. In the Leafs are coming hard trauma and finally turns his stamkos etc. He'll deflected into the offensive zone. Zaitsev kucherov on his tales eights at finds Jake Gardner a little feet on the left side cadre Gossett back to the lightning. Ed, Marlo pursuing mcdonagh has it. I well done by. Ryan mcdonagh fire it out around the nearside comes into the leaf zone for gore. Let's circle stamp goes stamp goes back for Gordon front say Anderson got a piece with the blocker now plot in the right corner. Trying to drop it to the point Gordon knocks down attempt to clear, but the plot has it right circle. Right. So gored gored takes the right corner et cetera. Feed Anderson sees it and covers Yanni Gord right now. He's the best player on the ice. Without a doubt without a doubt. He's and he just had a great opportunity. He picks the puck up. He goes back to stamkos stamkos season and pass it out the outside of the goalpost. But I I gotta tell you. Sometimes I know he got with the shop don't Anderson.

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