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Happening in marketing these days. But let's be honest. A lot of it is hype. You can join alison. Deeds and devon de blasio. The hosts of no hype about truth science in the future of marketing as they cut through the noise. And get to what you really need to know. Please share subscribe and enjoy the rise at no hype dot new star. That's ano- hey twi p any u. s. t. a. r. a. Back today in other news facebook. Cpm's are back pre pandemic levels. We talk tiktok shop. And what one study says about covid nineteen tv coverage one alison shift of at exchanger rights that facebook cpm's a backup pre pandemic levels and the still growing she notes spying facebook ads. This time last year was a bargain but now the cost of facebook ads is up overall by thirty percent versus a year ago. Citing ditch to agent agency. I rocket facebook at pricing is being on the up since may after falling by as much as fifty percents when the pandemic really hit q. Two of last year jen stojan. Svp of account services are rocket things. Facebook cpm's will keep growing throughout twenty twenty one reverting back to two thousand nine hundred. Growth rates are rocket pegs the cost of facebook. Cpm's eight bucks similar to pre pandemic rates but the agency suggests cpm's might eleven levin dulles by late summer jasmine thoughts around facebook's cpm rebound. Well it's good news right in the sense that immunes that there's more demand there's more competition the adb recovery happening. But you know it also means that. It's gonna be a very expensive holiday season. Advertisers as indeed the case jerry jones director of paid social rain. The growth agency thinks that high prices. New york's indicate and you and increasing competition in the marketplace is jasmine just said likely from browns pivoting to e commerce post covid nineteen was quote storyteller. Michael waters of modern retail wrote in february. That tiktok was testing out a market marketplace social media consultant matt navarra noticed that the company had published tiktok published a page coretec talk shop seller university explaining how brands and third party sellers could set up their own. Stores take payments interact with customers within the tiktok app. Mr waters notes that this all comes on the heels of the financial times reporting that quote tiktok is working on a series of e commerce features including a product catalog option for brands a livestream shopping program an affiliate marketing system that lets individuals tiktokers earn commissions on sales. They facilitate close quote jasmine. How seriously are you taking tiktok shopping efforts at this point seriously i think all of the social platforms right now are really expanding their shopping capabilities twitter which we talked about as well included in that. So yeah. I think this is something that we really should be paying attention to. They've been dabbling dabbing an ecommerce they offer the integration with shopper fi have done since october and december shop bowl livestream with walmart's folks could buy walmart apparel on the app and also by this policy talks chinese counterpart. Jean has their thing. They've had Inap- store since two thousand eighteen. They're available to individual people smaller in large companies as well selling to yen vendors pay upfront amounts and then they have to give a cut of five cut of their sales over to to the company story. Three david leonhardt of the new york times writes that the us media is offering different picture of covid nineteen from science journals or the international media. According to bruce sacked out for the economics professor is who he is at dartmouth college. Yeah this is what he's saying lost. He noticed that the covid nineteen tv coverage he was watching on. Cnn and pbs almost always seemed negative of the data or what the scientists who saying so working with two other researches. They built a database of covid coverage from every major networks. Cnn fox news politico the new york times hundreds of other sources in the us internationally. They analyzed it with a social science technique that classifies languages positive neutral and negative may found coverage by us publications with a national audience. A us publications with a national audience has been much more negative. Eighty seven percents of the coverage was negative versus scientific journals major international publications and even regional. Us media fifty to sixty percent of the coverage being negative when they examine which stories where the most read or the most shared on facebook. They tend be mostly negative stories. Jasmine this was a oscar. The you'd flanked and you wanna talk about what you make of this piece. So i have a million different things i could say about this. I think you know the one thing that really sort of struck me here as we've been talking so much over the past couple of years about the idea fake news. The proliferation of misinformation and disinformation. But a lot of that conversation has missed this idea that you can tell i completely factual story and it can be perceived in so many different ways depending on you know the tone that you take with it. What fox you choose to include in it and how you tell it basically and i think that's what this is really really really getting at and i think that's a really important study for people to see as well. Yes an excellent point my takeaway was that yeah. Us media is negative on most things. I mean that's another one and then also yeah. The level of negativity depends heavily on the event and the outlet for example. If you're watching a left-leaning media then they're going to be talking about the right thing administration in a negative light and vice versa and yes is basically always negative if you looking at through that but yeah to your point. It can be factually accurate. But if you're taking out of context taking soundbites or even if you know you're pressing down certain tones or even just what you choose to report on what you choose not to replace. It can play a huge role and then the other thing that was interesting with that international. Us comparison now that i've been here in finland for sort of the second half of the pandemic so far. There is definitely a major difference in how that's reported in a lot of that has to do in my opinion. The fact that here you have sort of government funded news in the us. You want eyeballs. Because you want at dollars and it's you have to make it more entertaining and bring people to watch your new show. So yes like. I said a million things to say about this. But i'll stop at this point. Is the attention economy over here in the us. I couldn't agree with you when i was back in the uk. The holidays. same thing we have a public funded The british broadcasting company. And yeah. it's it's definitely a different type of reporting all right. That's the time for unfortunately. Just thank you so much for taking the time. Thank you thanks to everyone listening Nicole we'll see you tomorrow for the behind them. As ad platform he mocked puck. House made possible by newstalk. She'll be speaking with philip jackson of ad. Form about testing with alternate identifiers..

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