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It's not you still know where the good fights are. You still know who. The real fight is who the top fighters all matter of fact of these damn promoters gave you the fights whether it's spencer crawford or and other ones that i could talk about. You know tank. Davis i mean i could go on and on and on so many great fights out there. That could be made that. You're never going to see if these big greedy promoters gave you the fights that fans really want to say well. Then maybe fans wouldn't be completed so much about that. This is stuff that now. They're one off to watch. Maybe they wouldn't wonder off to watch it. If if the promoters came to fight said that that oh there to be that that defense really stalled for and not when not when it's five years too late or ten years too late like was pack coward mayweather and so becomes more money. Grab than than a challenge of who the best is you know. So what i'm saying. Is this an alternate entertainment route that you can take to watch this but it's interesting if you find it interesting to watch it if you don't you don't have to. You don't have to watch to their credit or you know that everyone on that card had their biggest payday ever. That's sometime when we make more likely than he ever made by the collateral. Is that while while this is being done. You're right. that's what i was going to get at while this is being done. You have these fighters that that just woodley but you have to you other fighters mattis around the wanna biggest stage that they've been on before it totally and a big payday so they got an opportunity to shoulder. Where's to a big audience than they had before the conventional boxing setting. So is that a bad thing. Now it's not a bad thing. It's a good thing so they gotta change to make more money every fight on. I'd cosby more money than they had before and again performed in a bigger audience than they would have performed is just conventional boxing. So there's a lot of things attached to it that nobody thought that this would be positive things you know when this thing started i i understand you know where people were soul soul against in seoul hesitant about supporting it at the beginning that it fell fraudulent it fell. Didn't it didn't feel real. But now as you get into it a little more and you see that the other residual effects of it. It's it's not a bad thing. It's not a bad thing at all on the last trillo card regis program made three times what he made in his previous fight on that. Jake paul undercard so that his. And here's a real fighter that his his his shelf life is only sold right and and he gets a chance. He's earned it. He's taking the risk and he gets a chance to make that kind of money. It was big money. So that's so. That's the thing that people are looking at when they just look at. Oh here's a youtube. And oh my god. He's invading the world of boxing though is not he. He's putting his flag up a special area an area that that is again. It is an alternative to the actual conventional sport of boxing of entertainment and is bringing eyeballs to the sport overall. It's kind of like the rocky movie. I remember when the movie came out. People said teddy you know. Is that hurting boxing to have a movie like that. How's it hurting. Boxing bringing more attention to the sport. This sport does the worst job in a world of promoting itself. That's why they pass it up like it's like it's all backwards z as the fourth biggest sport in the country past hockey. That's why they pass boxing because they promoted because they knew white promotes it and they put competitive fights on okay okay so so when when people saw rocky movie that's that's folly that's fake. That's nobody could get hit that many put. Hey abroad ted. Could it hurt the sport. How could it hurt the sport when it gets. You're talking about the sport where it brings more i bought. And that's what's happening with this as got more people looking at this and also whether looking at this. They're looking at what boxing. What pfizer out. There in boxing that they can look at and quite frankly in in a negative way. They're looking at the fights that aren't being given to them at boxing. They're saying well. How come we're not getting the fights that we want that we demand and they're getting a little restless with that but it's a positive thing in a way that again it just brings more tension over to the sport of boxing one to the one. I think the one big loser in that fight and not not to be used loser in a derogatory term but financially. I thought it was. Tommy furey either tom. Fury was putting himself in a position to be the next opponent. Get a massive payday. I just can't see him the way he looked a four four rounds he could barely keep his hands up. You know how you're going to sell. You have a kid who empl who's committed to try to learn sport but he's just starting right three years whatever he's just starting at least when he's fighting these ufc geis's legitimacy he's fight. How legitimate guy that that has stature. How but fury's another beginning. Very eddie looked looktolegacy beginning. He's struggled to get through four rounds and he looked like a beginning. So how you going to sell a beginner. Who's who's definitely has. His stock is is growing paul stock. There's no doubt about that. But he's still a beginning. How you going to sell a beginner with another beginning. Who's not even as developed as i get so that's gonna be kinda hard to sell that now and you make a good point. He probably heard. I would've finished with two things by analogy at the end for. Why would li y coveted pretty damn good. Why lost.

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