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A lot has changed but doing what's needed is what the ford motor company has done for over a century. Ford will face any problems with integrity empathy and the strengths. Tau lasts them. We can't say what comes next before it will always pit it to do the right thing and to build for who and what matter most community ford would like to thank all essential workers and first responders for their continued commitment and dedication. It's because you continue to show up that ford shows up built for america built ford proud drafted as a production of tree. Fort media klutch sports group an iheartradio. And yeah you need to argue right kind of wants. The lifetime a missing prime welcome back drafted in the fifth episode. We're checking in on quarterback bryce hall fade oughta crisco friend ends. El vilshoffen is making a documentary about his draft process. Whoever's listening to this from telling you the fade is everything change your life the background hopper like we're going to hear from two other. Nfl jeff okudah growing up. It can easy for me to Give up and kinda just accept. Morality has what it was instead of trying to recreate it and me ankara. Sorry let somebody else take away fifty yards worth of work just to make it feel better. I felt like. I cheated myself in this process in god. Never get over. That never again. We'll look at how the challenges they faced and overcome have shaped them into the men for now knocking on the door to the nfl plan for today. So right now right now so i offer mother duties ankle exercises day right. We've got to get a little snack in going for a little run after we come back. We don't eat some more food and then we just chill I'm thinking about watching the last day. You know shadow michael jordan. He got the major keys. Great disarmer have to apply some of the things. I learned in the last dance documentaries so we can make more last dance run. Whatever you call it so yeah. As the draft approaches its end zell. Who carries a lot of the weight in her relationship with bryce gluten. Sure strong enough. I listen to you. Listen kettlebells yeah. I'm strong you actually work out day. That'll change your life. Might get bigger. But after that. I'm gonna just let you think right now. She may be braces. Part time documentarian. Part time trainer and fulltime girlfriend but zell also happens to be a great athlete in her own right back and they scored back has taken a three one. Lead wanted seven bill. She was an all. Acc field hockey player at the university of virginia where she met braces a senior. You game Yeah i mean. Look around on the hills. I walked dies right. Hold on let me give it a little context but listeners. We're dishonored a little nature dog right now it's twelve. Oh five and we need to get some. Fresh air walked only five months ago. Bryce had surgery on his broken ankle and torn ligaments so running with his girlfriend. Like this wasn't an option. Okay cancer also. Talk if i can keep. Yeah ain't trying to die today. This is like whole movement disgusted. How nice this thing area right fact before getting hurt braces trajectory seemed clear my sophomore year going into my junior year. I just remember when. I was at a place where everything looked like everything outwardly. Look great on my freshman year. I had a chance to go to. Nfl my junior year. If i did really well that year. And i just remember just kind of questioning why i was doing what i was doing what my purpose was because i felt like i was kind of like a law like i knew what my dream was but i didn't know why necessarily like why fully i wanted it. And the thing is like every day in practice our coach's job and their goal was to create those situations where they push us to limit every day. You put my body on the line going through tough training and my coaches. They were getting on us every day. Yelling and just really getting on us mentally in our member. Thank you when you go through difficult situations. If you don't have a purpose or reason why to push through certain situations is very hard for you to to work through situations to overcome them. Come out on the other side. If you don't have a purpose or meaning for why you must go through it. And i was questioning like. Is this really something. I wanna do for the rest of my life like how dangerous we know. The game of football is concussions. All that stuff. I'm putting my body through hell every day in practice and i was thinking you know like is this really worth it. A once. obvious path to success was thrown into question after that software season. Bryce walked away from football. We have a very unique approach at the university of virginia as our program is very very challenging. That's bronco mendenhall. Bryce his head coach at the university of virginia. I'm surprised it took bryce through a sophomore year question. My goal is actually to have each of our young people uncover why they'd be playing as soon as possible to make things so significant so challenging. That wants decided. There's clarity on how come and so bryce moved from receiver to defensive back. Here comes a brand new coaching staff. None of them recruited them nor did he know in a program expects more than i think anyone might even think is reasonable. And so. here's all of this commitment. Here's all of us. Effort years all is being required. And certainly why now. Why would i do this. And so it's actually pretty normal and it was an amazing though the transformation once the clarity and the choice came is is something i really wanna do. Reis then took that internalize it and then he. He wrestled with it. The dream that formed in the far reaches of rice's mind dream. He visualized in a picture in kindergarten when he told his teacher that he wanted to play. Football was still there but fifteen years later he lost some of the motivation to achieve it the best gift i could give rice all. Isn't the football mastery. Or that knowledge it's the defining moments or the possibilities to have the defining moment so before he leaves college. He's ready and much.

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