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Reason he did is because the opportunity to be the lead analysts on Monday night. Football is too good for him the pass up, but all my discussions with him during that process, you could tell deep down this is hard for him to do. I think he's still felt that he had some meat on the bone. He's still loved to play. I don't think that ever Wayne his passion for the game. And I just think he listened to that and went through the process of and get a really good experience as an announcer this year. But I think he's still wanna play football. Honestly, I hadn't heard Jason GARRETT'S comments before I made mine, but it it just seems like it makes sense. It was an opportunity to good to pass up. And maybe if it had been as comfortable as seamless transition for him as it was for Romo, then he wouldn't be so anxious to go back to football. But it wasn't easy. Obviously he was around football all the time. It was still missing it big time. And it never know. I mean, if if if it hadn't been quite as much fun for Romo for almost didn't love broadcasting as much as he clearly does maybe he would want to go back to football to you. I mean, it's hard every pro athletes, not every the majority of pro athletes will tell you it's really difficult because there's never anything like it. Once you quit that very often. You're second guessing your decision to walk away. It's after hours on CBS sports radio want to mention this before we get to our updated the bottom of the hour. Antonio Brown is doing a sitdown interview or. Has done a sit down interview with ESPN, and it's not airing until the weekend. But it's something that he did it in conjunction with a tour of his childhood neighborhood in Miami. And he sat down essentially to to tell his side of the story. And despite what Kevin Colbert told us from the combine about how they're not completely and utterly committed to trading Antonio Brown and less they get a really good deal. In return. They're going to get a deal that works for the Steelers not just a deal to get him of town. And so here is an Tonio Brown. He's done a sit down interview. And he's talking all about how Colbert has confirmed his decision that he cannot play in Pittsburgh anymore. So just a sneak peek of this. He's still really upset about Colbert characterizing the Steelers as Ben Rothlisberger at the top and fifty two kids under him. Now. That was a really poor choice of words by Colbert. Let's be honest that it really was. They're not kids. They're not juveniles. They're not young men. I mean, these are grown men who play football for sport. And the idea that Rothlisberger is the king and the rest of them are all paupers or kiddos, just it's it's yeah. Was a poor characterization? And he did later try to backtrack on those comments. Just the point that he was making is that Rothlisberger was the unquestioned leader of the team. But of all of that grates on Antonio Brown. Not just the kids part. But the idea that Rothlisberger is somehow exalted over the rest of the team. And so he tells the SPN and this interview again you'll see over the weekend. What grown man is calling another grown, man. A kid like you don't have no respect for these guys. These are the guys that go to work for you. And that's what I'm telling you guys. That's my issue. It's all about respect things are not getting better. They're not changing. You know what I mean? He just stated that there's fifty two kids at this guy rothlisburger, bro. It's one team. So that's what it is man. Just understanding truths. All this reiterate what I said last night on the show. Oh, there's absolutely no way that bridge can be rebuilt. Absolutely not. They do not want to bring him back. Even if they don't get the sun the moon and the stars at a trade for him. All right. We'll get to your phone calls. Eight five five two one two four to seven on Twitter. If you have some explanation for what Jake Arrieta is doing a sweeping in his underwear. Andrew bogusch. To ask. No, no. I feel like this is right up. Your alley. It's not your little court. I don't clean. I don't wear Speedo so clean. No, I I do. Okay. Wow. Can imagine your wife puts her foot down with that. All the dirty work. So you don't clean in your under Reuss is what you're saying. No fully close. Thank god. Yeah. I didn't need that mental image on the Friday morning. So the the idea though of sweeping to welcome Bryce Harper in your underwear does that is there anything about that that you understand because I mean, I'm not a guy? So I I don't get it is there is some kind of inside joke. I don't know. I really I saw a headline is like I don't need to know any more about that. So I didn't watch it multiple times. Well times. That is multiple. Does qualify as many times. Do you watch Jake Arrieta and wonder what the hell is he doing? Yeah. I mean good for him. I mean, he seems a little crazy for this is not the first time. He's put up a weird video maybe Desmond fully clothed as well. Also, don't you wanna know who's taping him? I think there's a MRs Arrietta. Well there is but she's the one that then recounted I leave the guy alone for a couple of minutes. And this is what happened. Okay. That would seem to indicate that she wasn't the one who else would like to watch him sweeping his undies. Not me. Apparently. And some others credit the video replay auto, but you kept watching. Okay. I'm confused. They didn't look I'm trying to figure out what's going to stop talking. Oh, that's too bad. All right. It's a face palm Friday coming up something else that don't understand what are the Indians doing with their social media from spring training. Maybe were aboard. It's after.

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