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Must not stand. This is a great city, a great district. And we're not about to turn over our freedom to draw our safety or the safety of our loved ones over to a few bad actors. Investigators working to establish motives in either of the two deadly shootings but say they too say the two are not connected. Would a sprinkler have made a difference. That is the question in Montgomery county after a 25 year old woman died in a fire at a high rise in Silver Spring last Wednesday. Since then, fire experts, including the state's fire marshal, maintain sprinklers might have made a difference, but the county executive wants them is warning them that wanting them and mandating them are two separate issues. The problem. The property owners don't have the capital to do this on their own. And we don't have the available right now in a state or federal support to help with this transition. And county executive Mark L rich wants to look at ways to get money that would help the 80 buildings still without get the systems. He says if the financial help isn't offered. One of the fears that everybody has is it would definitely impact rents and it could impact rents severely that a lot of people who are barely affording what they have today will not be able to afford the rent increases. The state fire code requires buildings have the systems in place by 2033. Mike Murillo WTO news. It's ten O 5. $5 million. That's how much a loudoun county jury awarded a former high school teacher, wrongfully arrested for sex abuse. More from WTO's dick Kylian. Kimberly winters was teaching at parkview high school in 2018 when she was arrested and charged with sexually abusing a student. But the Commonwealth's attorney's office dropped charges when it determined the student was 18 years old at the time of his allegations. Winter sued loudoun county, and The Washington Post reports, she's one damages of $5 million in the final jury deliberations, February 10th, the woman told the post, she hopes she can begin to rebuild. Particularly on WTO P news. A couple in Calvert county is sharing Amazon's response to a tragedy caused by one of their delivery drivers last week. Harry van ossan tells NBC four that a 15 year old dog he and his wife owned was in the front yard on Tuesday when camera footage shows an Amazon delivery truck, driving over the dog, stopping briefly, then driving away without telling the owners the dog died shortly thereafter. Than ossen tells our news partners, he filed a report with the sheriff's office, then he reached out to Amazon. Amazon said that they're going to give us a $5 and to give us a wind chime. And whenever the wind blows, we can remember the dog. The Calvert county sheriff's office still investigating that incident. Coming up on WTO after traffic and weather, an update on a story we told you about a month ago about a buoy church or the site of a buoy church that was also the resting place for some grades of some unmarked grade system slaves. It's ten O 7. Do you hear that? That's

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