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Get chance to properly. Craze. Herb kelleher. The founder and longtime head of south Southwest Airlines. Upon his passing a few days ago. But with your indulgence, I'd like to take a moment talking about George Foreman turning seventy s made me think about this. You know, we make heroes out of people for a reason. Not just to Mark not not just because they deserve. It. We make heroes out of people because that's how we point to the behaviors that we want to encourage motivate inspire 'cause imitation of. I'm reading a book called one summer nineteen twenty seven by Bill Bryson and Bryson takes the nineteen twenty s the summer of nineteen twenty seven and all the interesting things that happened kind of puts them in the context of the fascinating year. But in the build up to nineteen twenty seven there is an extensive discussion of aviation. And in World War, Two aviation begins to forgive the pun liftoff takeoff. Take flight aviation was a hobby before that it was two guys in a bicycle shop who were dreamers in a little bit nutty. They were carnival barkers. They were promoters. They were maybe out of their minds, right? World war. One comes along and aviation is perceived as something that might be useful in winning a war. Now not in way as it is today. The early days of aviation is price and points out the early days of aviation involved being able to being able to get a bird's eye view of troop formations. Before you go into battle. So you could fly over them. And you'd immediately know how many troops do they have prior to that from the beginning of time. The only thing you could use or scouts and spies. And then the biggest advancement was in in optical amplification the early days of of the banana killer. But what would you know, really strategic generals would hide their troops? So that you wouldn't know how many they have or they would stretch their troops to give you the impression that they were much larger one of the things that that the southerners did the rebels in in civil war was make loud noises, sorta like Jericho in the bible make loud noises to give off the impression that they were larger in number than they were in hopes of frightening. The union forces into retreat. But with the airplane you had the opportunity to get an accurate assessment before you went into battle as to what are their numbers. And how were they assembled is the right flank three times the size of the left lane. Will let me make sure I I moved my troops in preparation. And then eventually they started using these as delivery mechanisms for items that could for for weapons that could kill the early days of the bomb was simply a wine bottle with filled with gasoline and an ignition device, but it wasn't terribly effective. And it certainly wasn't very accurate and it was hand tossed. There was a hand held bomb called a flash at that would be used. But again, it could be as much as a half mile off. But World War One show that it could be a useful form of war. And that led to great advancements by World War Two. Not only was it a useful way to kill a lot of people with a minimal loss of life on urine. It was an exponential. It was a multiplier of force based on your numbers. You no longer had to have a bigger army. You could make a difference, and you could sink ships as well. But then the planes. Themselves became the combatants. And that's where we get the red baron. And that's where we get the the feats of daring do is these men with go up and these dog fights in the air. And then from there we began to understand that air travel could shrink the world. And whether you like or dislike what you would call globalization, which is coming into disfavor over the last few years. The commercial growth in transportation. The ability to move goods and services quickly safe safely, reliably and cheaply. Has changed the world for the better. And then you began commercial, airfare. Commercial airfare allowing individuals to no longer need to get on a train, which took forever. And that was really only useful for domestic travel and ships. You studied your history. You know, how many people died of scurvy and other airborne and seaborne diseases and the amount of time it took to for instance, crossed the Atlantic or more. And thus began in the fifties. And really heated in the sixties and an inter. Herb Kelleher toward the end of that era commercial aviation. Herb Kelleher was a lawyer by training. And he had this idea that cheap airfare would allow people to take trips that they wouldn't already. Remember, there's no cell phone. There's no Email not even a fax. The telegraph was I guess the most effective way to get a message quickly in writing a lengthy message. Telephone costs were high. So for lawyers and businessmen and salesman. The ability to move around and Keller hair had a vision for what became a part of our lives jet blue. And all these these. Cost effective cheap carriers. So he starts Southwest Airlines and becomes at one point the largest distributor of whiskey in America. Because he understood.

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