Scott Fox, City Council, Betsy Devos discussed on America's Morning News


Over masks. Some Americans refused to wear the deciding their freedom, not to the other one about getting kids back to school. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Fox News Sunday said Kids need to get back to you in person instruction. They've fallen behind this spring. We need to ensure they're back. In a in a classroom situation wherever possible and whenever possible, But Dr Tom Ingles, be director of the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins said also on Fox States have been preparing for that. But there are still some uncertainties about transmission in schools. In some states, positive rates are still spiking. The president says federal funding could be withheld if schools don't plan to open fully and on time. Colonel Scott Fox News for the first time in nearly two decades and execution is being planned for today at a federal prison. Danieli will get a lethal injection in Indiana for a 1996 triple murder unless the court order stops it and appeals court allowed it to proceed last night after a lower court blocked it over on Corona virus concerns for those in attendance. In Vermont's capital city Controversy over a mural GOP Vermont gubernatorial candidate John Choir ran a proposal by them on Peel your City Council to paint a liberty and justice for all street mural in the state capital. He wanted to paint it next to a black lives matter Mural on State Street. He was turned down the first time, so he tried again. We re applied and asked them to give us an opportunity. Tohave the The display at some other point, and then they proudly and unanimously rejected that far on Fox and friends told the council that there should be no need to defend the flag or the Pledge of Allegiance or the police. But counselor Connor case, he says Clarke's move is a political one meant to negate the black lives matter. Message carried McCue.

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