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Ooh. Want to let you know makes me think it's not someone. That's dead. I think it's I think you're right about being a young girl thing, I think she wants to tell this person that she likes them. And she doesn't want to let them know. She scared. No, she doesn't. I it's like, I don't wanna let you know. I drown in your memory. If you wanna take those like, oh one thing. I don't want to let you know. How important you are to me? Oh, a unit baby. So then either Johnny would mean that I'm in the past for you. I'm dying because I'm being forgotten just like cocoa or it's like minority report. Ooh. Ooh, where she's got to stop. She has the memory and she has to stop. Where he drowns her. It was a implanted memory the cost you think she's cog. And she's like, I don't want you to drown me in this giant cog pool. Because I have a memory of doing that. She this song is to. I don't know why I've ever. It is micro. It's the girl from the bridge mantha Morton. Yep. I love that. Wow. We just piece together so much of minority report. I don't remember the pre I don't know any of that pre comes. Oh. Porn version in which that's. Pre comes. Official. It's almost definitely going to be like someone having sex with a bunch of black men, and it's called minority report..

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