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That'd be just Biotechnology child pictured with the kind of thing. I'll italian evans. They could actually be allen eglin web. He looks nothing. Like alan full north. Those neo circles. Yeah but you know talent evans out. Okay no one's gonna saw that on a check all i actually. It could even be golden college. Yeah that's right. Yeah actually. This could be alan. It could be good in cowan's at one and the price sunny one pound. I probably was one of the most enjoyable one pound villa supporters have spent to follow aston villa and pele was even there at the The grind that day apparently picture in the book. We totally missed him. Because he wasn't talked about agenda in becomes congratulate you at the end. No it probably gets get somewhere else because he probably he probably add another hidden somewhere. You know look to people like him. I don't think they stay in place to one place too long. A pele what you know what the name. La just you know it's different from place. Russia at the moment because the anonymous weeds of without not with a minute Footballer the world into you know he said he seems to be a bit of a gentleman as well you know and which could lead to the copa. Pele it certainly could. We will talk about the copa pele next one ago morning debt standings one do a lot more podcasts with you because we scratch surfaces in in in his and i want to go more in depth this Story about running bigs on sugarloaf mountain. I'll think that it would only be right till quebec runner in In this podcast while but before we leave aston villa full two years ago. you referenced. The load of books the odd fascinating story run cylinders ryan and aston villa by dryhome denton ticket to the moon. Aston villa the and full of european champions boy richard sydenham and they resented greatest games of aston villa boy. James driver fisher. There's a lovely piece by david harrison in backpass magazine this month while the it usually comes out every couple two three months and issue number seventy four and there's also going to be no that book written by powell colleen habits barton's are obviously about when you conquered european an of the picture that he's got on the front seats dad's army With all the the references to wear villa winton conquered. So i'm looking forward to collins book and also colleen's working tirelessly on the book that bloke him install oil have educated me all not an aston..

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