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Thanks for being with us on the candy, Mike and Todd show getting her for Mike Lewisham, Todd Herman. So why isn't the Seattle school district announced that the closing it could be the election? Maybe maybe could have something to do with that the combat vote. No on your Levy because you're making me wait this long speaking schools. We talked earlier story Mike service in South Carolina. They never have snow days. They rarely have snow, but they figured out the e-learning days tomorrow right here in the program. Chris ride called rectal, reykdal reykdal. Yes reykdal. Reykdal. Lufthansa? I wonder if Chris reykdal breaking adult. He joins us to say. Hey, why can't we are described? Like, we might not be able to do the same thing in this state. Maybe he can speak. I can't. So he's gonna come on. Now. Here's a question. You're in a a kiss tribute band called hairball. That's one question. Why is it called hairball? You're the singer Bobby Jensen dressed as Paul Stanley. What is it in the clip that happens is about their hearts? Right about their his hair starts on fire. His hair starts on fire. And the thing is he doesn't stop playing the imitation Ivan as get fiddle now you can keep it up a little bit. It's got a good balance skip gone. And there's a guy who comes out of the back like garbage bobby's hair. I'll be right back bobby's hair's on fire again on fire. Four. Yeah. But the thing that's even better about this just have this dream that that's actually going to be like the third time. And they just keep snipping the little burn off. They're going to keep rolling through this league for a while until burns away. Sometimes people get used to stuff I was at a bar a bar northern Idaho. That was near an Indian reservation and one day guy got stabbed. And I swear to you. He said all Robert Jimmy, stab me again. Sometimes life is unique Tracy Taylor. Love it. If you would check traffic.

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