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Seven mile stretch, and you're right on highway one a one through San Francisco starts to back up from. Near eighty to the lower deck next update. What eighteen on the traffic leader, KCBS sunny skies throughout the afternoon today. Highs from the sixties at the beaches to the eighties inland tonight. Looks clear with lows in the fifties. And we are warmer tomorrow, significantly so inland. Highs in the seventy s at the beaches to about ninety inland and then we could see the upper nineties on Sunday. We've got traffic and weather together on the eighth on all news, one, oh, six nine AM, seven forty KCBS. Seven eleven has more drinks than times. You've been caught singing in your car and randomly Lear, extorting your brain combined. Choose from flavour-filled slurpy, and big gulp drinks, Chris coconut water energizing cold. Brew and hot coffee. Fresh organic cold press. Juices, invigorating energy drinks cooling purely ice teeth refreshing deer part one hundred percent natural still and sparkling spring water. Plus many more only at participating seven eleven stores. Do one thing to protect the environment. Here's Brooks, and Dunn with their one thing. Now there's just certain things on our planet that, as humans, we can recognize this pretty fricken special. You know, why don't we make an effort here to preserve this humidity? Estimates the influence that we'd have on the ocean. We think that it's some infant mass that we're not gonna have an effect on and it's like it's we are it all starts with just one thing. Find tips and more at one thing. US dot com. What's your one thing? Nineteen seventy. Mccartney and wings band.

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