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The I heart radio app, apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Here is the latest weather forecast from news radio 700 w L jumped. Clouds are back for our Friday forecast and Actually changes a bit. Today We're talking about rain chances, some slight chances out of this morning and then some isolated storms that will pop in the afternoon tonight, Down to 70 and tomorrow, the rain chances down to like 10% or less so, basically the weekends looking just fine. Saturday's high will end up at 87 from your severe weather station. I'm nine first warning. Meteorologist Jennifer Catch Mark NewsRadio, 700 wlw. 69 degrees. Right now We're picking up a few light showers at southeast Indiana. Some rain from Brookville south and debates film. Next update at 6 30, Brian Combs, NewsRadio 700 wlw Mercedes Benz Afford Mitchell dot com. Good morning to you. About almost 67 at 700 wlw got to dive into that delicious breakfast. Hold on, Stand back. Not yet, Study says maybe chocolate. Is what you need for breakfast. Chocolate eating chocolate First thing in the morning. Sounds like a The express ticket to obesity, but no researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital That's swapping out your eggs and chocolate might be the ticket here. An international team discovered consuming chocolate during a narrow window of time. After waking up improves Health and the study of post menopausal women. Examine 19 women away 200 G of chocolate within one hour waking up each morning, the group also consumed the same amount of chocolate one hour before bed. Compared weight gain and other measures of health to people not eating chocolate. And guess who wins. The chocolate Ladies. Results show morning at nighttime chocolate Eating did not lead to weight gain and those women. Moreover, eating chocolate at either time of day can influence a person's appetite. And and sleep quality. You sleep better when you eat chocolate. Danny's got his chocolate. Are you a postmenopausal Danny? Not yet. Still too young. Too young. Too young for all right. All right. What do we have Joe and Doniger stay in the Bible. Check our markets next. The better you personal exploration will help you be a better you step out of your comfort zone. Do that crossword puzzle in ink instead of pencil and put on that sexy outfit. You've been too tame to wear and be part of the Eddie and Rocky Show. Come on, be a part of the conversation and join us not trying to be judgmental, but he might also want to explore the exciting world of mouthwash Eddie and Rocky this afternoon at three on 700 wlw Craftsman Electric Quality craftsmanship. It's in their name, contact. Craftsman electric dot com. Ohio Roofing Contractors ready to Rev up your business this year Use the Beacon.

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