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I you know this is complicated like people need to eat. People need jobs. Like we. Don't you know that is a problem? I like why you know why. Why do we have to spend so much of a finite magical lifetime in the service of wage work I think that's a question. Sort of you know that frames is a bit, but I don't you know like I? Don't know I I was growing up and one other things zoo gave me what sort of access to sort of class implementing those mannerisms that like I wouldn't have had otherwise you know in college. Did that extent I started organizing when I realized what I was doing as critic and like internal, a researcher wasn't actually helping thing, but again I think that's. You know if you'RE GONNA go up against power with other people. If you're in a position to do that through that recognize that there are a lot of people who aren't always in that position later there are people on visas. There are people who are the sole. Breadwinner but that there are ways to put at least begin to build like the relational bonds of solidarity with the people around you, which in itself I think is is extremely radical. Right when you begin to replace your identity and a workplace. You know. When you stop identifying with your sort of position within a hierarchy as who you are, and how you fit in the space and start identifying with your relationships with the people around you and what you owe them as a practice of solidarity. A transformative thing to do, and it is like the reason that You know like capital has fought back against those form, and that those have changed much over know years and years. Freight like that is how you build power so I think at least engaging in that, and then you know knowing that to be safe. You're gonNA need in your critical mass so figure out where you start from there. We'll also I think by talking about how you know. We need to engage with technology as both users, and in a many of us in like a professional capacity, the fact that it's it is such a privilege to be able to opt out of those things that almost none of us are afforded right now, so the it seems like the best path forward is to like you said to to organize to recognize the power of kind of speaking up, and like you know uniting and being critical of these. These institutions is really the only option like I I can't imagine right now. Many people can afford to quit a job. It's probably the worst time in the world to consider that and also just you know the connection offered by social media when everyone is isolated. It's you know it's a difficult time to consider just like making the choice to opt out of those things, so I make sense, and frankly you can opt out right. You are the surveilled right collecting it from. St Paul's collecting from sensors collecting it from your credit card collecting it from the Geo data on your phone. You cannot carry a phone, but then you can't get working right. They're collecting it from data brokers that you know, pull from. You know your family's social media profiles, so there isn't. Again. It's not an individual, even if you were to be sort of incredibly squeaky clean, even an absence of data can be PAG as sort of data right so. It's not I. Think users is actually almost a data term in this case we're. used. Well. Thank you so much for joining us this week. Meredith this has been such a into lightning conversation and we really appreciate all of your insight and experience and everything. Yeah to say it's great Where can people find you? Online can find me on twitter You can also visit the now institute website for some of the work. That you know. That brilliant team is doing that I'm doing with them. Yeah I think that's that's about it I would also encourage people in Texas checkout tech workers, coalition. which is a you know, a a loose organization that is helping workers, impact, organized and understand their power and he's. To me, also awesome well. Thank you so much merit and we hope to have you back. A really really great conversation, so thank you so much wasn't the light of a great. Thank you. Well..

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