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Wanna see us keep doing that. Slow rolling us for thirty five years now on this. And they're planning on doing it again. Now, all they need is for the president to buckle and reopen the government with getting nothing in exchange, and then they can start discussing with the Democrats how we're going to secure the border which we've been doing since tip O'Neill was president. I think Halley's comet has come by twice since we started talking about this. I'm embellishing slightly, and and the Democrats still want to slow roll again. Good morning. Good morning and welcome. Hi, enjoy the big speech last night, and the Democrats and the glassy eyed loon nanny Pelosi with her doa is an expanded pupils where the pupils any police officers are medical professionals out there. Just the same thing that I saw with those pupils on Nancy Pelosi and she's looking right into bright lights, and somehow people's were dilated like she was on crystal meth herself. Maybe that's the maybe that's the secret. I'm not sure, but it was something they contributed nothing. Even the news media even McGee. Gorilla on CNN and others had to confess that. Nanny, and Chuck really didn't contribute much to the discussion at all. They they they didn't seem to be into it. Either the president laid out facts. And it was it was teleprompter Trump. It wasn't free form Trump. But let's get Trump out on the campaign trail outta out on the campaign. It is a permanent campaign. Like Howard Dean said they've inflicted the permanent campaign on us. I guess we just have to deal with that. Because there's no way out. No way out. No way out. It is. It's an amazing time to be alive. These these people in the democrat party and the news media, but I repeat myself really something really something to behold. I'd like to know what you thought about it all and what you think about it going forward. And with that said, you know what I wanna do? I want to start with some of the ridiculous. Let's go to sound byte number fifteen want to do some of those ridiculous. Fact, check CNN fake fact checker guy because this was an embarrassment and and John king because now the suggest as well at been the suggestion all the president just needs to come around to the Democrats position. Just just stop all this just be a democrat. Okay. And then the media will stop dogging you and haranguing you harassing you. And making all these outrageous Clinton just come around to Pelosi's position. And then the media. Well, this is what they say. But it's a lie. It's a trick. It's Charlie Brown in the football because when you come around to their position, and they say. You're banned in your base. Your best is going to abandon you you betrayed your central campaign promise near done with your base your over in twenty twenty. So the moment the president capitulates and goes over to the democrat position that becomes the media's new narrative I've seen it again. And again, it's a playbook thing, it's obvious. It's predictable. But listen, the the president gave a speech it was it was. In terms of substance. It was humdinger Dinger in terms of style. It was President Trump on the teleprompter. It's not as most natural place, Barack Obama assassinated Americans overseas, and and he kept a kill list and the Oval Office and use the IRS against his political enemies. And and and they lied a lot of the intelligence community and the FBI and the Justice department against their political enemies to, but he could read a teleprompter couldn't he was. He was held at a teleprompter. He sure was let's go to CNN after the after the speech and after the democrat response number fifteen Don lemon was on with a democrat by the name of Maria, Elena, Salinas, Maria, Elena, Salinas, and and Don lemon and this other democrat to angry hate-filled anti-trump Democrats posing as journalists are analysts or something. We're on a cable channel last night. I think they call it CNN. They played a soundbite. President trump. And and then they and then they made their comments about it. It was something to watch. They they're trying to affect check the president. They were trying to do it in real time on CNN. They didn't check anything in real time. And after the fact when the after the speech, they went to affect check and the so-called fact checks where we're like a satire was like the Senator Night Live version of fact checks President Trump, Don lemon, Maria, Elena, Salinas. Last month twenty thousand migrant children who are illegally brought into the United States a dramatic increase. These children are used as human pawns by vicious coyotes and ruthless gangs. One in three women are sexually assaulted on the dangerous trek up through Mexico women. Our children are the biggest victims by far of our broken system. This is the tragic reality of illegal immigration on our southern border. This is the cycle of human suffering to I am determined to end. So that's the president tell you about real things twenty thousand migrants children. He called them the coyotes the human trafficking, the sexual assaults. The women the children fair the worst and all of this. And look the Democrats want to preserve this as the status quo. This is the democrat position we must keep. The drugs flowing into the country the heroin the feno the cocaine the marijuana must continue to flip. We must twenty thousand children twenty thousand children, and then they come and so well, but many of them are being brought by their parents, or at least one parent, or at least a guardian or at least a chaperone like they won the dating game or something. And they're off on a vacation. And that's fine with the Democrats. That's good with the Democrats because I don't care about humanity. I mean, the left has massacred one hundred million people in one hundred years, they they obviously don't care about humanity. They send your check to Planned Parenthood and. Don, lemon jumped in with his pal Maria, Elena, Salinas, and I just there's so pathetic some realistic give the facts because a mess created the border as a result of the detention of the is a result of children and families the change in the asylum rules that is a problem of the president's own creation. Yeah. That's right. That's right. That's all Trump's fault. Trump Trump is responsible. He's been president for two years, and it's all his fault. That's journalism at CNN. That's donlon. He's an award winning journalist says this is what passes for journalism on CNN and in America. And then you'll be surprised to learn that standing next to Maria Elena Salinas agrees wholeheartedly because there's no disagreement on CNN. It is this was lie after lie after lie. Yeah. It was lie after lie after lie. That's it is it was lie after lie after lie. And that's why the Washington Post began with the first misleading statement in President Trump's Oval Office address Tuesday night came in the first sentence. Trump addressed the Washington Post rights, Trump addressing a national television audience from behind his desk from when Obama was here roic. There was music. There were trumpets there were fly overs. It was it was glorious. See? He spoke words that dropped like droplet. Gold. He warned security crisis at the southern border. And the Washington Post says even though the number of people caught trying to cross illegally is near twenty year. Lows is at first of all I question that as fact I need to fact check that. Secondly, they lead with not a falsehood or ally. But something that's misleading. And then this is their I fact check in their big story that there is security crisis at the southern border the Washington Post position as the child sex. Slavery is not a crisis trafficking in women is not a crisis. They the abuse of children's not a crisis. The sexual assaults are not a crisis the heroin flowing by the ton. Not a crisis the crystal meth cocaine not a crisis. This is all fine. And this is Salvador Rizzo, a defender of the status quo and a puppy for the democrat party and their positions because the Washington Post is not really a news organization at all. Now, let's go to the CNN fake checks because this was kind of laugh out loud. And and we've got Alexandria Casio Cortes as well. This was this was good stuff. Daniel Dale is a Canadian and CNN and he's a fake. Journalists is liberal is at Trump hitter. He was on CNN last night with John king and McGee was young with mcgilla gorilla was that mcgilla. It wasn't wasn't mcgilla was one of the one of the fake set CNN. Daniel Dale is a Canadian journalist, and and they introduced to my keys. The most fantastical fact checker the world has ever known. He's the oracle effect checking is Daniel Dell. And and and they took a quote from President Trump. Do you have the President Trump or President Trump talked about the walls and politicians President Trump talked about walls and politicians some have suggested a barrier is immoral. Then why do wealthy politicians build walls fences gates around their homes? They don't build walls because they hate the people on the outside. But because they love the people on the inside. Interesting interesting. So that's what the president said. Well, why do wealthy politicians build walls? Well, gosh because they wanna keep the dirty people out as really the correct answer. That's the truth. Now. Then let's go to the fake fact checker Daniel Dale on CNN responding to that. Now, did you hear the president mentioned Barack Obama there? No, no. The president didn't mention Barack Obama there. He said, why do wealthy politicians build walls around their homes? Right. And and I can Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, many palatial residences, very very wealthy people. Even Paul Ryan caught a raft of stuff for building a big wall fence around his house in Wisconsin. And lots of millionaires millionaires now watch how Daniel Dale defensively reflexively jumps to the defense of Barack Obama whose name was not even mentioned there Daniel Dell and this is the fact check to things, and I have both things for you. And he was he took umbrage he bristled at the suggestion that wealthy politicians built walls around their homes, and again without mentioning Obama, Daniel del sniffling groveling little sick of that is democrat party Schill jumps to the defense of Obama, even though Bama had not been mentioned. He also implicitly referred again to the Obamas house. Imbued listen with a powerful people who build walls and gains outside their homes. Why do they do? Yes. Of course, still have significant secret service protection, they do have some fencing as their neighbors. Do the giant wall around their house or compound as Trump calls it? He wasn't talking about Obama. He didn't mention Obama. I don't know why you're leaping to the defense of Obama when Obama was not insulted or harmed or even mentioned in any way. But that's what these sniffling groveling little cultists do instead of journalism instead of fact, but this is the first fact that he checked this is the charlatanism that passes for journalism and passes for fetching. And you know, I laughed out loud. When I saw these these clowns playing this crap because it was clear that they had no facts. To take issue with all of the facts where correct and accurate, and that the president had crossed all of the T's and dotted all the is the numbers were checked the facts were checked and CNN with their team of fact, checkers fact, checking in real time, we're able to come up with something. The president didn't say the president didn't say anything about Obama. And and did Daniel Dale then say, of course, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein. No, it's just Obama got and there's mcgilla gorilla whose fathers a democrat governors brothers. A democrat governor pay no attention to any of that. And and and by the way, I I live close to the Obamas not real close because their houses eight and a half million dollars before all the improvements. But I after a while I could walk to the Obamas house. They live in the shadow of the main mosque in Washington DC as the Washington Post has never reported and in the shadow of the mosque where the president's eight and a half million dollars. Which he bought from Joe Lockhart? Who was the White House spokesman for Bill Clinton who has now a C N N commentator who is a former CNN employees. I know because I know Joe Lockhart and I took Joe Lockhart job at CNN on the assignment desk when Joe Lockhart left his job at CNN to go work for the Democrats just by the way, but I know the Obamas house in the shadow of the mosque, and oh, there's no wallet awfully defense about something that wasn't said, and they built a big iron fence with a brick wall base and brick wall columns around the house, and you don't need that much. Because as he said there is heavy secret service protection around his house, including the entire street in front of US House being blocked off with giant concrete jersey, barriers secret service, uniformed division. Cars parked crosswise. At either end of the street like you're entering veto Corleones compound guys with shotguns, big attack..

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