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Customer service at O'Reilly Autoparts Better parts, but prices every day. Rome. Are you still getting those hikes in brown? The 36 so honestly, no. No, because the air quality was so bad. The guy was so bad because of all the fires. And then the fire is recently were literally in my backyard. And then the air quality was worse. But even before that, I did kind of stopped on the ice for a while, mostly because the air quality and right around the time that the air quality got bad. I took it inside. And I was always going back and forth between my Palatinate. The hike, or I sometimes would do a brick where I would do both. Then I went on the pellet on and I made this adjustment. Where For the first three years I had the pal Itan. I'd go 45 minute rights exclusively nothing but 45 minute rights Because I was not that was challenging. And then one day I thought, you know what I I do better. I gotta do more. For a lot of different reasons, and I went to a 60. Then I want to do it again. And I just got obsessed. I got obsessed with the 60 minute rides and then I just kept doing the 60 minute rides. And I want to prove that that was the new norm. That wasn't something I did two or three times and then I back down and then I just stopped hiking and the air quality got worse and worse. So the answer is no. I have not begin the high sin. It doesn't mean that I won't But I've been all about the pellet on lately and the 60 minute ride. So no hikes, Maybe when the air quality gets better. Thank you for that. Brad in the 360. Adam Hawk me check in with you right quick, Speaking of hikes I know you're working really hard over there. Top button so broke. Bring me up to date you You took some time off because you had a bad neck at that time before you hurt your neck. Your road mileage was up to what Like how How much was I riding the bike at one time 20 to 40 Miles. Okay, And what was that, like? That was great. It's just uncomfortable position to be in for such a long time. And if you're not used to it, or you don't stretch it out properly, you could really I get some very uncomfortable injuries and some very uncomfortable right my pellets on every single day for an hour. I think the pellet on might be a little bit more conducive to less stress on the joints because you're taking a lot of road where if you will, with a lot of the shock coming through your handlebars in your eyes when you're outside long enough, I will. I won't. All right, so anyway, like if you make it If you have a 40 mile ride. How long would that take you? That took me three hours. Okay? Yeah. It was a good time. John of the beach and back. And then Thean Gery took three weeks. Okay, so then we talk about that one time you nearly got run over and you got spoked? Yep. How did you get hurt? It was a gift so stupid. It's your course we're talking about you. Well, imagine, like you're looking down at your phone texting for three straight hours, and then you can move your neck after that. That's kind of what that was like. I did not rotate enough. While I was in the saddle. These professional bikers will tell you all about it. I'm not a professional by any means. And so you know, you get a crazy stiff neck for three weeks. You can't do anything. Luckily, my guy Sharon Watts and walked me through some great physical therapy via YouTube. That helped out a lot, which was really nice, But you know, you combo that with getting sick and not drinking for a month, it was a very bizarre October for sure. Yeah, but what about your buddy is now what it's for? My weed? Yeah. Sober October, Mr Rome. Ok, alright. So sober, Sober October. How many weeks of training? Did you miss it? You say 34 weeks. You don't do any work out you went you went from like grinding it out every single day, dropping crazy amounts of Wade 40 Mile 20 to 40 Miles a day to an entire month of doing nothing. Yes, Yes. And what was that month, like, horrible Because you want to do it. You're in the mood for it. And you're coupling. It was some sobriety. So you feel like, Well, I'm really going to lose the pounds right now and then you just can't do anything. So you're just kind of get soft on the couch and you gotta up the diet. So, you counter act not working out? It was a challenging month for sure. So you back on the path you working out again? Yes, but there's a ton of Halloween candy in our house right now, so it's a battle. And so that month that you didn't work out, but you didn't drink and you were still eating pretty clean. What was what? That due to your weight that month, I continued to lose weight. Just not at the pace that I wanted to and not having any alcohol. Definitely, you know, helped. As of August, I'm down £27 dude. Which is good and bad. Good, because I'm down £27 bad because why the hell did I have £27 to lose to begin with I know why? Because you're eating like a fat ass like an absolute fat like dynamic fat ass. Yes, eating everything in sight, Not moving. Not doing anything. If you look at recent history, like I do not respect it like when you're on your ahn, you lock in and you do really well, But my man, you have gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of weight like, give me some numbers. Like what's the most weight you've lost and gained. Okay, well, since working on this show, I've worked on the show for four years. I have aged like 50 years start working on this show, but I have gained and lost £25 at least on three separate occasions since working on this show that can't be healthy. Yeah. I don't think any different times you've gained in lost £25. Yes. I'm like a yo yo, uh, it's embarrassing. My wife, you know. Likes when I'm losing weight and doesn't like me when I'm fat as most wives would would tell you OK, like and so I just I had this thought and it just escaped me. Oh, this was going to ask you. So what was it like coming off sober October when you had that first blast haven't had it yet. You haven't positive moments November 2nd. So you did not go back. We worked yesterday. You and I, and by we I mean, you worked really hard and I was just there for support, but because we had an early wake up. What were you there? To hang out to watch the maestro in action to absorb To glean Stop kissing my ass. You did nothing, man. Why were you there? Because I was told because I wanted to be there. Okay, so anyway, you But why did you not have a drink when you could have had a drink when the calendar flipped over? It's something just right now. I'm not like craving it all. And I just want.

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