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Not often that you can watch a video on youtube and then a few months later have the people who are in the video sitting right here in your home studio. It is a really wonderful to bring Jenny Lee and really to the home studio here for the Pike as welcome ladies. Thank you so much for having us. Well we're GONNA talk about this new music video that's releasing next week and thank you for letting us be a part of kind of advertising promoting it but before we get to that. I think there's a lot of folks out there that don't even know what this music video parody were all this and so I want to back up to last year. There is an artist. A name Arianna Guerande. And she came out with a song. Seven rings but there was a tattoo involved in this whole thing. That kind of sparked your idea Jenny for doing the parody. So we'll start there so so fill in the blanks. What what was this blow up about the little tattoo that Arianna grinding. Who's a big big shot star right? I looked it up and she has six hundred forty five million views on her seven rings video but people were focusing on your Tattoo. So talk about that. Ironically we actually came up with this idea. I think maybe a week before the tattoos came. Yes so that's the irony because it does relate to it We're this actually started I heard seven rings A big fan of Arianna Guerande And I would very much love this song and I was Out One night and I was hungry and thinking about green. Barbecue is also a big fan of Korean barbecue man so I was thinking about it and was like you know it'd be really funny if there was a parody of seven rings but about the Korean Barbecue and my thinking was like Oh like each type of meat could be like one of the seven meets are something like that and so I just recently become a part of Asian creative network ACN Which is what you mentioned earlier. A group that had formed from subtle each traits and now as a huge network of a lot of different creatives in the Asian demographic and so I posted their jokingly and it actually started gaining traction And then once. We started collecting a group to commit to making this video We actually came across the Tattoo News and to us it was a sign it was like. Oh we were like how office exactly it was crazy. 'cause we were. We were just talking about Korean barbecue and you know. Her Tattoo came out says small charcoal grill right. And what did she intended to me? She meant it to seven rings but by short four yes exactly so it makes sense but by shortening the actual phrase it ended up meaning something entirely different and so end up being. You know something pretty funny that motivated. Us throughout the project. Because like this to happen. This was a sign. If this isn't assigned that I don't know what is no backing way up. Subtle Asian trades. It's a it's a facebook group. It's not a private thing and it's like blown up. There's a bazillion members on there. But it wasn't really designed from outset for Creative Asians. There's less stem agents out there right and somehow join did I. You know I didn't know what was going on so so talk about how even ECN Jumped out as a sub tribe of subtle Asian traits. How did that happen so I think you know the biggest thing about settled Asian traits when I was added to. I had no idea what was going on. Some some of my Asian friends added me and I was like. Oh I relate to a few of these things and so I think the reason why it emerges because we we all are trying to find common ground and it's not very common for us to have a lot of creative space in our community because it's very It advocated for us to be working in stem fields. A Computer Science and A stereotypical as it is. You know that is what our families do push work because it is successful But there's there's this group that emerged because we long to connect with others. I felt the same way came from space. That was more creative in so Han actually created the group and I had a friend of mine I known prior to any of that at me and it was a surprise but it was so refreshing to see a lot of artists. Come together and start off with everyone. Posting like Hi. I'm so and so here's my art and it was very nice to see that and feel like I kind of belonged in this community. That wasn't very promoted in our culture. Was that a similar story for you. Know is completely different. Me COMING ACROSS JANIS. Post was completely coincidental. I rarely go on. Acn And my friend actually commented on your post. And I don't think I told you this but that's how I came across like your list of who you need and that's one idea mdu but I would have never seen it with. My friend. Didn't comment on your post so before home.

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