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Dr. Anthony Fauci now says it's a good idea to wear goggles were a face shield. You know, theoretically, you should protect all the mucosal surfaces. So if you have goggles or a knife a or an eye shield You should use it. I mean, it's not universally recommended. But if you really want to be complete, you should probably use it if you can doctor found, she tells ABC news. The Corona virus can enter your eyes, mouth and nose. Austin City Council today makes final decisions on the new budget for the police officer being a cadenas will. The Police Association believes the council is writing a political wave as they're set to make deep cuts into the department? Activists are calling for 50% cuts. Cadenas demands something else. I've had council members who have called me and who have told me quiet that they support the police department. However, they cannot do so publicly because it'll be political suicide. Well, I'm sorry. Nobody dragged you out of your house for you to become a City council member. The leader, he says, change is inevitable. But counsel should take their time with these police changes rather than make the cuts today. And then experiment. John Cooley News Radio K LBJ City Council has voted to condemn private property along Bull Creek against the owner's wishes. David Khan wants to build a boutique hotel on his land. It's near Spicewood Springs Road, Khan says The land is worth much more than the $4.5 million offered by the city. The city Council wants that land for the Upper Bull Creek Green Belt. The Austin City Council is giving the green light to a new contract to clean up homeless camps all over town. City Council members are worried how the cleanup crews will treat the homeless. So public works Director Richard Mendoza's says those cleanup crews will undergo sensitivity training. Some increase visits by our Social service providers, namely animal care, and the host teams have him visit these locations look prior and post cleanup. City Council members say they're going to have a lot more. Oversight over those crews cleaning up the homeless camps, the police Department headquarters building at eight and I 35 could come down, calling it his proposal to reconstruct and deconstruct Jimmy Flanagan out of District six, wants the old police headquarters building demolished and replaced by a new vision. Addressing systemic racism. He wants all LAPD staff ousted from that building and move to another city run building elsewhere. That's the deconstruct aspect is reconstruct plan includes forming various independent departments with civilian leaders, eliminating police executive leadership teams, and that he says, could shift $90 million to areas he believes. Need that money more than police. Patrick Osborne NewsRadio Kaylie J. 7 33 Here's Austin's on Time traffic with Melinda Brandt. 35 North abounded William Cannon, We have reports of a stalled vehicle and we are seeing a traffic congestion building up behind that just passed slaughter. Your next report said 7 45 mil into Brant.

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