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Wow that's a that's a real really important and valuable lesson that when you're when you're working in this can happen at any point but with with with these kinds of numbers in this kind of scale one hundred and fifty million dollars which is what we were budgeted for. It can fall apart at any moment and so unless you either. A truly have the power and ability to not allow that to happen. Which like three? I've then then you just have to live in that mystery and so you really really truly better love the process and I did enjoy the process. But I didn't love it enough to do it again. I mean like as I'm sure you are extremely cognizant you have had in your cloud of had such a very unique strange experience in like what you guys did was sunny and it happened a few years before but but the South Park guys kind of like they created their own small thing and they were for whatever reason timing place etc were given insane autonomy and ever since then they kind of liked exist in their own universe. I mean fair to say that's what you guys have had the luxury of experience. Yes yes well. So what I found is that I certainly don't. I don't I don't have that level of autonomy and privilege in the movie world again. Very few people do so. I don't expect no winter. Spielberg exactly but I do have it in the television space and so I was like well. Okay so the minecraft thing was over and I was really bummed but mostly because I wanted to do it and it was just fun. It was really fun to live in that space but I thought well now I've got to see something through again and I remember it reminded me of of Sunny. Which was it was. It was people. Ask me all the time like. Oh you're just happened so fast for you and I'm like no it didn't. I'm twenty twenty five or twenty six when we started sunny. But I didn't go to college and I moved to New York and eighteen so from eighteen to twenty five twenty six. I was struggling. That's a long time and I was fortunate enough to to be in the mix going on dishes and knocking jobs not getting jobs knocking knocking jobs and I just got support roles like I need to see something through all the way through and the only way I know how to do that is by actually writing something actually shooting something learning how to cut it and then making it and I don't know if it's going to be a thing but it'll be done and so that's what we did and so then cut to fifteen twelve years thirteen years later and I'm like well I'm in the same weird spot where I just got the major disappointments and so the only thing I know how to do is just see something through and that's when we had this idea from Ithaca so does does the video game world influence. Is there any connection between minecraft and being in that gaming world and wanting to kind of delve into this video game developing workplace comedy? Interestingly enough we were approached by UBISOFT which is a big game companies in the world and they said hey we love sunny and we WANNA do a show set in the video game world. Are you interested and I said Fuck Now? I'm in and I meant it. I was like no I'm done. I just came out of that mine contract and they said well look. Will you just come to Montreal and visit our studio so I was never been to Montreal Free First Class trip to Montreal thinking? I would just drink my way through Canada for a while and have a good time and I got up there in eighteen and I had a ton of booze and Montreal's one of the most beautiful city so go to this game studio and I just had an incredible experience talking with these people and I just knew almost immediately that it was a great environment to to put a show and so much of that was because I spent a lot of time talking to these incredibly passionate intelligent creative driven people who all had a common love Yup which was games and making games and that was the only thing that they shared in common. And that's what makes for the best shows and doesn't hurt that it's like this backdrop that has kind of been unexploited for the most part and yet is a jillion dollar industry. The industry beyond movies beyond anything. Yes and like no one's been able to crack like generally speaking as we said in adapting games let alone behind the scenes kind of thing I mean he goes Silicon Valley and abstract kind of maybe ten gentle sort of way. Yeah it was actually even more than that. The things that I had seen in popular culture that we've all seen over the course of thirty last thirty years Really took a cynical tone up. He was like also like just the writing the community themselves and there was just always that stereotype of the nerdy kid. You know playing games in his basement or then you would just hear about this sort of toxic elements to the community that you know we're here. Cambridge and Whatnot. And and if you're not associated with the community those are the things that the headlines. Right and then you would you would think. Oh it's just like game Bros. or guys playing Sadden or or then it was the nerds dorks right that we're playing the world of warcraft. Or whatever and I thought. Oh that's just not true right. I mean. This is a massive massive. This is everybody on the planet. Now everybody on the planet and then I heard this stat and honestly this stat really really drove home for me and I remember talking to Charlie about it and I'm like this is why this is going to be so fun to write grand theft auto. The series of grand theft auto has made more money than star wars the franchise of Star Wars. Yeah and I was like no. I heard that I was like well. That's not right and I looked it up and sure enough. That's including merchandising. Grand theft auto has made more money. Yeah it has made more money than Pixar sold to Disney world right and so okay beyond the scale of it. Everybody knows who George Lucas's everybody knows who Steven Spielberg's could you name to anybody that were that worked on? Game ON GRAND THEFT AUTO. You don't know right. You better believe it drives those people and saying and rightfully sell Italy rightfully so I feel like everything you need to know about your character. Is that spelled in? But it's pronounced. Yes what do you enjoy about writing and performing the sky? Well it's kind of like Sonny right because people are like. Oh it's isn't it great that you're nothing like your character and I'm like well? I'm exactly like those characters. I mean the thing about sunny that works. I think the thing that works about any television series. I would say I'm sure it can extend into movies but the thing about TV's that you're doing it over and over and over and over again yeah so it's impossible to distance yourself completely from the character you're still human being that's playing it right and then the writer stuck to write to what you do best and what you do best still an extension of yourself. It's just the worst versions or the best versions. Whatever it might be like the heroes get to play like the most heroic version you know. I'm looking at a poster of Kurt Russell and like you better believe that. There's an aspect of her Russell. That snake right like he but then also in real life. He's not really that right but he but he can be that so with Sunny. We just basically took the most ridiculous awful aspects of our personalities and then we just put him on blast and then it gives you the opportunity exercise your demons vanity narcissism or anger frustration rage. And then it's cut and then you can go back to a normal life and in some. It's become so cathartic that it helps you become a better person outside of the job because your exercise exactly. You're getting it out of your system. It's like going for a five mile. Run if you're frustrated at the end of the run you're going to not be frustrated when you might be exhausted but you're not going to be as angry so it kind of extends in quest where. I'm like well sure this guy's insanely ego maniacal vain narcissistic and those things. Well yeah there's an aspect of my personality. Of course there is. I mean I'm doing look at what I do for a living right. It's like look at me. Look at me look at me but I but those are to me the worst angels of my nature right and so I want to express them in a way that's like constructive and fun and then ultimately funny and then leave it there at the stage and then go home to my kids one of the things as I like that you guys kind of delve into the show is yeah this character. Who's like this young Gamer? What's the characters name? Pootie SHOE RECLUSE. Who WHEELS INSANE POWER? Because he's reviewing these games from his bedroom wherever and as you well know we all know these people really do exist. And they do have a lot of power. The part that I find interesting is like as you all know. Wake in recent years there's like whole phenomenon of fans feeling entitled to dictating where their beloved property goes like I know best. What THE NEXT STAR. Wars movie should be the next season of my favorite show. Where do you stand on that? Unlike sort of the fans lake should fans lay back and enjoy or do they have a part in the process for you as a creator. Yeah I think I have a different perspective than I hear a lot of some of my compatriots having I I welcome it. I truly welcome now. I have not felt the vitriol in the way that I see you know Damon And Ryan Johnson and so again. I'm coming from a completely different perspective. I will say though that I appreciate it. Look all day long. Part of my Gig is if I'm doing it correctly. Round not painter not sitting by myself in a room painting by myself. I'm not playing the guitar and writing songs by myself. I'm working with other people to collaborate to make something so all day long. I'm in a room with writers. I'm in a room with with actors. I'm in a room with art. Directors and directors and. My job is not to get what I want. My job is to listen to everybody's ideas and then be the arbiter of what winds up going into the show and I think you're really limiting yourself if you're closing yourself off if you're so insecure that you believe you're right all the time right and I feel like I'm just not talented enough to do to do that. And I truly believe that. I'm not saying that to be to be humble. I I think that one of my best skills is hiring the best people and then listening to them right and then having also the I do believe I have enough confidence in myself and in my vision of what I'm looking for to either say you're right in this moment and we're going to do that but also actually I heard you. I understand but I believe you're wrong and I'm going to go with my gut on this one. And that's my Gig. What it makes you defend your argument argument. Yes your side can only make hopefully the stronger. Yes so when I GET FEEDBACK FROM FANS. I feel the exact same way right or if I read reviews or criticism or things that people are saying. Are It does? It truly doesn't bother me if people especially because most likely it's come from a place of love right and they want to. They want their version of it right. And sometimes I really will hear it out and take it out and take it into account and then adjust what what I'm doing but not because somebody told me to do it because I was open to the fact that they might be right right. The only thing that I have no time for our opinions From people who aren't really an effort to try to understand what we're doing and just want to be angry right now and there's a difference and it's and it's obvious what the differences so you have a character like Pootie shoe and it's really fun and funny but it's true right that these that there are people out there that these billion dollar industries are relying on positive reviews from these kids but everybody thinks that's unfair. I don't think so I mean if you are targeting a certain audience and and you have the voice of that audience. Who saying I don't enjoy this. Well look man you have to at least take a look at what why that might be short and in the end in the end you might say. I GET IT I. I've heard you out. I don't care I'm going to do it anyway. That's the process so I want to go back a little bit. I mean everybody knows anything about you and sunny. They all know what the the mythic story of Sonny by now. The two hundred dollar pilot. How you guys kind of what was in reaction to all of that part of what I'm fascinated by was like. How old were you again when you started making sunny so when we made on our own? Fx bought it. When you start at so many six okay twenty-six your showrunner with no experience running a show. What I mean at the time was ignorance bliss. Did you feel in over your head? What was that first year? Like for you running your own show. I definitely didn't feel an over my head. I feel like Well first of all I had great partners and that is really important if I was really out there on my own. I don't know what my experience would have been great partners but beyond that I do think that it was a luxury to almost..

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